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    The Financial Statements

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    Describe how the financial statements (the income statement, statement of retained earnings, balance sheet and statement of cash flows) are interrelated. Provide at least two examples.

    If you were an investor, would you place more emphasis on any one particular financial statement?

    A short paragraph or at least 5 sentences will suffice.

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    The various financial statements, e.g., income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow are interrelated with each other. The net income in the income statement links to both the cash flow statement and the balance sheet. It describes how the company has utilized its assets and liabilities in a given accounting period.
    The cash flow statement ...

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    An explanation of how the financial statements are interrelated with each other is found. An investor looks for and which financial statement/s he needs before deciding to invest in a company is determined. The solution is 269 words with3 non-APA references.