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    Equity Theory

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    Motivation and Performance: Analytical summary of two articles

    See attached files. Silver, L., Dwyer, S., & Alford, B. (2006). Learning and performance goal orientation of salespeople revisited: the role of performance-approach and performance-avoidance orientations. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 26(1), 27-38. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database. Darke,

    Business Ethics: Shareholder vs stakeholder

    Explain and critiquing the two most prominent approaches to the nature of Business: shareholder and stakeholder theory, evaluate these approaches both from a theoretical point of view and from a practical point of view. Include argument for the views central to both these approaches, defend on of these two position on theoretic

    Economics: Market Efficiency

    Quote 1: Some of the assumptions made by classical finance theory, â?¦, are in fact dangerously at odds with the way in which financial markets actually work. One of the most important laws of economics, the law of one price, is regularly violated in equity, bond and foreign exchange markets. What is the writer talking abou

    Motivation and Conflict Management Discussion

    Discuss how different organizations apply motivation theories to motivate employees Analyze which conflict management approaches work best in the organizations, and why cite references

    Business Finance for PizzaPalace: Capital Structure

    Assume you have just been hired as a business manager of PizzaPalace, a regional pizza restaurant chain. The company's EBIT was $50 million last year and is not expected to grow. The firm is currently financed with all equity, and it has 10 million shares outstanding. When you took your corporate finance course, your instruc

    Motivation in Organizations: Example Problems

    Part One: 1. Identify the diversity that is seen in your retailer(s). How can these initiatives benefit the company? What challenges might this diversity create for the manager? (Note: the team chooses the retailer) 2. Do you see evidence of a team approach being used in the retailer(s)? If so, identify the types of teams an

    Diversity and Motivational Theories Paper

    Prepare a paper in which you select four types of diversity and demographic characteristics from the list below and examine the impact of each on individual behavior: a. Ethnicity b. Gender c. Age d. Socioeconomic Status e. Sexual orientation (affinity) f. Religion g. Geographical differences (rur

    Theory of motivation

    The article spoke about cutting down on employee benefits as a cost saving effort. In my opinion, employees may be satisfied more so nowadays with just maintaining employment in an ever-growing unemployment rate. The data provided in the article shows that employees now rank job security as the most important aspect of satisfa

    Analyzing a Company's Fundamentals of Financial Management

    For the purposes of this project you may take one of two positions. One position will be as a Financial Analyst/Planner reviewing a publicly held corporation as a possible addition to a portfolio. The other position will be as a Financial Analyst within a corporation reviewing the annual statements of a company and making recomm

    Accounting terms or theories

    Explain to your staff at least 2 ways in which accounting data are used to make business decisions. Explain at least 3 related accounting terms or theories.

    Theoretical Implications of Various Theories of Equity

    The proprietary theory, the entity theory, and the funds theory are three approaches to accounting for equities. Required: 1. Describe briefly each of these theories. 2. State your reasons for emphasizing the application of one of these theories to each of the following. a. Single proprietorship b. Partnership c. Financi

    Dividend Theory

    Based on what you know about dividend theory, evaluate the correctness of each of the following statements: - a. If the dividend irrelevance theory (which is associated with Modigliani and Miller) were exactly correct, and if this theory could be tested with good data, then we would find in a regression of dividend yield and ca

    Income Determination Under Equity Theories

    See attached file. Determine the income under each of the following equity theories: -Proprietary theory -Entity theory (orthodox view) -Entity theory (unorthodox view) -Residual theory Would any of your answers change if the preferred stock is convertible at any time at the ratio of 2 preferred shares for 1 sha

    Accounting theory: SFAS 114, SFAS 115.

    Accounting Theory Answer questions after reading activity Activity: Objectivity (also called "verifiability") and bias (usefulness) are two extremely important characteristics of accounting. Examine each of the following situations for possible impact upon these key constructs. Scenario One: You work as an accountant

    Accounting and Finance: 60 True false and multiple choice questions

    1. The income statement measures the increase in the assets of a firm over a period of time. True False 2. Retained earnings represent the firm's cumulative earnings since inception, minus dividends and other adjustments. True False 3. Free cash flow is equal to cash flow from operating activities plus deprecia

    Cost of capital/ debt ratios/operation efficiency

    A utility company is allowed to charge prices high enough to cover all costs, including its cost of capital. Public service commissions are supposed to take actions to stimulate companies to operate as efficiently as possible in order to keep costs, hence prices, as low as possible. Some time ago, AT&T's debt ratio was about 33

    Dividend Policy

    Assume that you were recently hired by a national consulting firm, which has been asked to help alpha Corp. prepare for its public offering. Your supervisor has asked you to make a presentation to the company's senior management in which you review the theory of dividend policy and discuss the flowing questions: a) What is mea

    The effectiveness of performance reviews (Hajer Group, China)

    Read the article: Lin, T. W. (2006, October). Lessons from China. Strategic Finance, 88(4), 48-55. For discussion give your thoughts on the effectiveness of the performance review process the company in the article started. Think about questions like, why were those particular review systems effective and could those sa

    Human Motivation: Examine motivational strategies and theories in workplace

    Write a response examining how various motivational strategies affect productivity in a selected workplace-your own or one with which you are very familiar. Include an explanation of organizational efforts to improve performance, employees' resistance to increasing productivity, and the management's philosophy of motivation and

    Nucor Uses an Integrated Approach to Employee Motivation

    Http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/06_18/b3982075.htm While answering the specific questions below, please develop a case analysis. 1. How does Nucor's approach to motivation build on recommendations from Maslow's, Alderfer's, and McClelland's need theories? Explain. 2. To what extent are the hygiene factors and

    Organizational Models: Open Systems Theory

    See the attached file. Explain the purpose and the value of conducting a diagnosis Briefly evaluate each of the models presented in the background reading by Falletta. Do not merely describe the models, comment on their strengths and weaknesses, and specifically indicate what type of organizational problem or functional


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