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    Equity Theory

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    Workplace Motivation Presentation

    Examine how various motivational strategies affect productivity in a selected workplace,your own or one with which you are very familiar. Include an explanation of organizational efforts to improve performance, employees' resistance to increasing productivity, and the management's philosophy of motivation and its practices.

    Apple: Cost of Equity

    Estimate the cost of equity or the rate of return that your company's shareholders require. This is an important piece of information that every top manager must be able to estimate because it will be an important input in any effort to determine whether any particular course of action by the company will or will not add value

    Proprietary theory, parent company theory, entity theory

    Emily and Richard have invested in Faster Distribution, a small publicly traded company. They each own 40% of the stock of Faster Distribution. They could want to sell Faster to Leeds but do not want to pay any tax on the sale. According to Section 368 of the IRS Code, there are seven allowed types of tax-free reorganization

    Case Study: School Systems and Unions

    Please answer the following questions using a case study analysis, just dont answer the questions it needs to be in a case study format. I will send the case study needed. 1. What is the source of conflict between the school system and the union? 2. To what extent does Denver's pay plan build on recommendations from equi

    FIN501 - Strategic Corporate Finance

    The Cost of Equity for Under Armour Estimate the cost of equity or the rate of return Under Armour shareholders ââ?¬Å"require.ââ?¬Â? This is an important piece of information that every top manager must be able to estimate because it will be an important input in any effort to determine whether any particular cours

    Just-Meaningful Pay Increase

    Essay Questions 1- Discuss the concept of a "just-meaningful pay increase." A successful answer should contain several elements. First, a student should discuss the notion of perception. The pay increase must be seen by employees as making a meaningful change in compensation. A discussion of equity theory would be approp

    Payout Policy and Capital Structure

    Problem 14-2 Book Market Net working capital=20 40=debt Net working capital=20 40=debt Long-Term assets=80 60=equity Long-Term Assets=140 120=equity 100 100 160 160 Assume that MM's theory holds with taxes. There is no growth, and the $40 of debt is expected to be permanent. Assume a 40% c

    Environmental Proposal and Presentation

    Three powerpoint slides (speaker notes) utilizing organizational psychology concepts to make recommendations to improve the environment within an organization. Kelsey Unified School District (the organization) is attached which details the school and complience issues (1 memo and a letter). Recommend at least two strategies t

    Finance: Payout, Dividends, Price, Income and Balance Sheets

    P16-3 Charleston Industrial revised its dividend policy and decided that it wants to maintain a retained earnings account of $1 million. The company's retained earnings account at the end of 2008 was $750,000, and its earnings available to common stockholders of $800,000 in 2009. What is Charleston Industrial's dividend payou

    Share-based payment reporting; special purpose entities (SPE) reporting

    A staff person was assigned to the audit of a publicly traded company, and the senior had asked you to evaluate both share-based payment reporting and special purpose entities (SPE) reporting for the company. Research share-based payment reporting and SPE reporting individually. Write an executive memo as a team that inclu

    Marketing Mix: Products, Brands and their Distribution, brand relationship theory

    This case involves thinking about the meaning brands have for consumers, the roles brands play, the views customers have of brands developed through marketing and non-marketing influences and how products are distributed. Write an answer of no more than six pages in length (excluding title and reference pages and any appendic

    Motivation Theory Key Researchers

    Select one motivation theory discussed in Ch. 3-5 of the Latham text provided below. Provide a paper wherein you trace the theory's origins, its key researchers, related research findings, and its possible effect in this century. Include a minimum of 5 scholarly sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guideline

    The cost of equity capital and the CAPM

    Review the background material on the capital asset pricing model, the material on the dividend growth model, and arbitrage pricing theory and do some of your own research using internet. These models provide some insights and tools to estimate the rate of return that investors in ST. JUDE MEDICAL 'require' in the sense that if

    Accounting Theory - Variable Interest Entity

    LARUE Larue, Inc. purchases the bulk its inventory from Stag Corporation. One officer of Larue presently serves on the Board of Directors of Stag. It has been necessary for Stag to borrow a lot of money over the past five years and Larue is concerned about Stag's ability to survive as a going concern. Larue has assumed all

    Irrelevance principle and Utilizing debt in a firm's capital structure.

    The text used is Chapter 16 & 17 of: Berk, J., & DeMarzo, P. (2011). Corporate finance: The Core: 2010 custom edition. (2nd ed.). Boston: Pearson Education. Thank you. 1. The "irrelevance principle" states that in frictionless markets, capital structure (the mix of debt and equity to finance a firm's assets) doesn't ma

    Asymmetric information and agency cost theories

    ****Question**** "Are asymmetric information and agency cost theories relevant for the modern corporation? Should we discard agency theory and asymmetric information?Discuss." **Requirement ** 1000-1500 words - using academic sources (not Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias), such as academic textbooks and journal

    Impact of Organizational Behavior on Organization Success

    Utilizing the science of Organizational Behavior and the collective knowledge and theories related to this topic please reflect on how the study and application of organizational behavior concepts can contribute to organizational success. Be specific by referencing specific concepts and the organizational benefits of applying th

    Trade-Off and Pecking-Order Theories

    How can we anticipate the indebtedness of the company to evolve in the future if the reality is based on a) trade-off theory b) pecking-order theory? We can assume that the tax bracket the company is operating in stays the same and that the company continues to be successful in the future.

    Principles of Management

    Essay Questions 1. Define and discuss motivation. Which theory of motivation offers the best chance, if handled properly, of increasing productivity in your workplace? 2. Define and discuss leadership. Which style is presently used in your own workplace? Which style is needed, or which style do you believe should be used, to

    Process Analyzing Values Precision

    In question # 1. The matrix is on page 2, so the text on page 3 is referencing the matrix on page 2 Please use the following CFs in calculating your solution for problem #1: > 12/31/08 3.2 > 12/31/09 3.2 > 12/31/10 5.6 > 12/31/11 6.42 > 12/31/12 6.8 For problem 2 please use 40% tax rate -----------

    Advanced Financial Reporting and Theory

    I am working on a 5000 words research on [Critically assess how the use of principles-based standards will aid effective standard-setting by the IASB, and aid decision-usefulness for stakeholders] Therefore I am looking for around 2000 words answer for the below questions I have: 1) Critically assess how the use of principles