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    Competitive Advantage

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    Tupelo's Dilemma Version 2.3

    see attachment What type of competitive environment does ElectronicCity face? Why do you say so? What can you say about the management style of the VP of Marketing in the case? Is it appropriate? Why, or why not?

    Management Information Systems for PayPal

    1. One of the challenges that PayPal faces now that it has managed to overcome the polylingual obstacles is finding the best way to put this functionality in the hands of the business, so that they do not have to go through IT each time. How do you balance this need for responsiveness and flexibility versus IT's need to keep so

    Four factors lead to shaping the competitive advantage

    Porter and a team of researchers In 1990, attempted to determine why some nations succeed and others fail in international competition. The task was to explain why a nation achieves international success in a particular industry, such as Japan in the automobile industry and Germany in the chemical industry. Porter theorizes that

    Southwest Airlines- Blue Ocean Strategy

    Research a well-known multinational company or a multinational organisation that you know well and propose an appropriate reward and pay strategy that you believe would best motivate employees to meet the overall organisational strategy and objectives. Your Final Project will: 1. Assess the organisation in terms of its o

    Competitive Advantage for Honda Corporation

    How does the Honda Corporation create and sustains its competitive advantage(s). Questions to guide the response: What is Honda's competitive advantage? How does Honda utilize its competitive advantage? What kind of market is Honda in (new, growth, mature, declining) and what strategies is it using to compete therein?

    The Competitive Edge In Business

    What is a competitive edge? How might a small company gain a competitive edge? Should a small business owner always purchase the products with the lowest prices? Why or why not? Support with material from an outside source or personal experience.

    Importance, Stages, Generic Competitive Strategies, & Options

    1) Describe the term strategy and explain why it is important in business. 2) What are the five stages of the process of crafting and executing a strategy? Briefly describe each one. 3) What are the five generic competitive strategies? Briefly describe each one and identify the type of competitive advantage that each strategy

    Demand for Gasoline in a Competitive Market

    What effect should each of the following have on the demand for gasoline in a competitive market? State what happens to demand. Explain your reasoning in each case and relate it to a demand determinant. (a) an increase in the number of cars (b) the economy moves into a recession (c) an increase in the price of car ins

    The Advantage of Itemizing Taxation

    Determine George and Mary's taxable income for 2011 if George has $65,000 of salary income and Mary has $45,000 of salary income and they file a joint tax return. They have two dependent children and $20,000 of itemized deductions. 1. Refer to the information above. Determine George and Mary's income tax liability for 2011.

    How Dell Became Global Market Leader in PCs

    1. Discuss how Dell has become the global market leader in PCs. 2. Discuss whether or not Dell's strategy can be supported over time, thus providing a sustained competitive advantage in the marketplace.


    Need help answering the following questions. 1. Explain how and why companies can create a competitive advantage through its work force. 2. What factors of good management could be applied to establish this competitive advantage? Research has shown that first time managers are prone to make similar mistakes in their

    Competitive Strategy for Credit Card Companies

    What competitive strategy are the credit card companies pursuing? How do information systems support that strategy? What are the business benefits of analyzing customer purchase data and constructing behavioral profiles? Are these practices by credit card companies ethical? Are they an invasion of privacy? Why or Why not?

    business Analysis

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of simulation modeling? Be specific and provide work-related examples to illustrate your points.

    Competitive Advantage Discussion

    Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v8sSv_oS28&feature=related Many organizations exist to gain and to maintain a competitive advantage in their respective market(s). How can diversity help a company with a competitive advantage? Discuss an organization with which you are familiar in regard to diversity and comp

    Strategic Choices - Official company website of Southwest Airlines

    refer to attachment one Visit the official company website of Southwest Airlines Step One: Differentiation Strategies If a company positions itself as offering a product or service that is different from its competitors in a way that customers value, it is following a differentiation strategy. Quality Strategy.

    Internal Analysis for Southwest Airlines

    refer to attachment one Visit the official company website of Southwest Airlines Step One: Determine the economic value of Southwest Airlines. This may involve some assumptions as to the cost of capital; just be clear as to the assumptions you are making. Step Two: Using the sources you identified in the attachment

    Staying Competitive

    Employees represented by a union are paid approximately 30% more (in terms of pay and benefit costs) versus those employees not represented by a union. Discuss how an organization whose employees are represented by a union can remain competitive against an organization whose employees are not represented by a union, especially w

    Strategic Business Management and Planning

    Discuss the number and types of forces external to a business organization that influence strategic business planning. Locate a company in the news (a current newspaper, periodical or online news publication) and explain how it is trying to create value and competitive advantage.

    Technology Road Inc. - Focus Strategy

    Scenario: The demand for cell phones is growing rapidly throughout the world. This has resulted in the emergence and growth of many supporting business opportunities such as cell phone accessories, ring tones, integrated services, and pre-paid cell phones. Although the United States has a high propensity of usage, the industr

    Comparative Advantage and Renewable Resources

    1. What is the difference between absolute advantage and comparative advantage? What products/services does you workplace specialize in? What comparative advantages does your workplace have? 2. www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/international/gas1.xls That web page lists historical prices, in US$, of gasoline and other sources of ener

    Importance of Multinational Business

    1. Identify a multinational business enterprise that you feel engages in transnational strategy, tell why you feel it does so, and give an example of how it does this. 2. Why is developing transnational knowledge important? What is a global mindset? Provide examples. 3. How might an organization's development of transnatio