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    Effective Management

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    Need help answering the following questions.

    1. Explain how and why companies can create a competitive advantage through its work force.

    2. What factors of good management could be applied to establish this competitive advantage?

    Research has shown that first time managers are prone to make similar mistakes in their new position.

    3. Describe the management approach you would bring to the job so as not to be ineffective

    4. Comment on the theory that â??the best way to become a good manager is to start managing.â?

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    Companies can usually create a competitive advantage through their workforce by ensuring that they advertise for, recruit, and maintain, the most highly qualified employees possible. If a company has a first-class work force, this organization would tend to run more smoothly, expand, and increase its profitability at a much faster rate than organizations that are not staffed with top quality individuals. A high-quality workforce is also usually very intelligent and easy to train, which would save an organization an enormous amount of money in regards to the new employee training process. Due to the fact that these employees would tend to ...