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    IT should not be only regarded as a tool to improve efficiency

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    I believe that IT should not be only regarded as a tool to improve efficiency, but also as a tool to improve business effectiveness and strategic management as well.

    What is your opinion in this regard?

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    Organizational effectiveness means performing activities in such a way that goals and objectives are attained while organizational efficiency means attaining the said goals and objectives with the least cost. Efficiency also means getting the most output with the least amount of inputs (Robbins and Coulter, 2003).
    Through effective management of information and technology, organizational effectiveness will be achieved. Through effective IT, correct, adequate, and quality information would be made available for use in coming up with quality decisions that would affect organizational performance.
    According to Robbins and Coulter (2003), technological advances have enabled managers to coordinate the work efforts of employees in ways that can lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness. Technology, ...

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    The expert determines if IT should not only be regarded as a tool to improve efficiency.