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    What is an Organization?

    The concept of an organization has changed since Moses received advice from his father-in-law about leading the tribes of Israel out of Egypt. I need help with the following questions for a paper 1. Briefly discuss the shift from viewing an organization as a machine to the concept of a learning organization using actual examp

    What is a functional strategy?

    What is a functional Strategy, as opposed to a business strategy, or a corporate strategy? Who employs (i.e., uses) functional strategies? Where do they get the budget from to implement them?

    Delphi Method

    - Is Delphi method can be synonymous with such notions as 'Expert Systems', 'Expert Judgments? - Is operational effectiveness synonymous with strategy? Why or why not? - State the key issues in the VCS (Video Conferencing Systems) industry. - Fight between the big Cat (Caterpillar) and Japanese Komatsu present as classic test

    Position Brief

    Prepare position briefs on behalf of plaintiffs and defense in the case assigned you. This does not require a lot of writing I don't believe each brief needs to be more then three hundred words. Please Help, I mainly need direction and a starting off point along with one citation for each. plaintiff and defense section. If p

    Business Research

    1. What types of questions are surveys useful for and why? 2. What types of questions are surveys not useful for and why? 3. Is it possible to design a survey to get the answers a surveyor wants? How is this done? Please support the response with academic references.

    Sweet Treats

    Develop a scenario involving an online crime committed by one of your employees. Make sure that all facts are clear and concise. Use your critical thinking skills. 2. Identify three legal issues involved with the crime (legal issues are legal questions that are answered by the law) 3. Conduct research using the foll

    Job Offer: Is it a great opportunity?

    A Great Opportunity at Welingen Chemical John Frankl was in a state of shock when he pulled into his driveway after his daily commute. What a difference one day can make! While at lunch with the president of Welingen, he was asked to head up the Taiwan office of Welingen. It was a start-up operation that had been in existe

    Changing negatives to positives for growth

    Negative messages. These messages of dangerous situations, criminal acts, unfair practices (such as though on news reports) can incite fear and paralyze a person into inaction or too much caution. The above was your answer to this question: What are the barriers to personal growth and development? What do you do about

    Social and economic changes

    What are some social and economic changes that effect an organization? What is HR's role in forecasting and managing planned and unplanned change?

    Management Dilemma and Research Question

    Clearly state the "management dilemma" and the research question Clearly describe the research design you would use. State at least 5 measurement questions that you will use, with clear identification and description of the variables you will measure and the level of measurement of each variable. State three possible

    PR Strategy

    SCENARIO: "You were featured in a Newsweek article about working college students, which garnered much exposure. As a result, you were selected for a reality show where you are given $100, 000 to help your favorite social cause." Directions: Develop a small PR Campaign to help an established non-profit organization using the

    Rating Criteria for Business Plans

    If the following two criteria are said to be part of a rating system for assessing business plans. - Management and employee approval/ consensus for implementation exists for the proposed technology. - Organization has sufficient financial resources to complete the implementation plan. I would appreciate if you can comm

    Confronting boss

    You submitted what you thought was a masterful report to your boss over three weeks ago. The report analyzes current department productivity and recommends several steps that you think will improve employee output without increasing individual workloads. "Brilliant," you thought. But you haven't heard a word from your boss.

    Supervisor and Bargaining Unit

    Supervisors Performing the Work of Members of the Bargaining Unit Background The Antarctic Air-Conditioning Company produces window air-conditioning units at a relatively modern plant in Tennessee. There are several assembly lines along which the air conditioners are built by incorporating sub assemblies produced in other

    Pay for Performance and Employment

    Please review the below three job scenarios. What Pay-for-Performance Program would you recommend? Forklift Driver Person drives a forklift for a small metals manufacturer. Worker picks up parts that have been boxed and loaded onto pallets and delivers them to warehouse for shipping. Worker then returns and waits for t

    Business Presentations

    Find a Web site that details the attributes of an effective business presentation. Based on the contents of the Web site you find, share with me one or two "best practices" that you should consider when preparing the presentation in Week Six which stated that in my final paper I have to propose a solution to help Global Communic

    Models in Business - Practical Significance

    Models are useful in business as in many other applications, such as science. Let's say that two groups of analysts have created models to predict interest rates, and both models use the same input data. One model predicts higher interest rates for next year, while the other predicts that rates will drop. You are unable to exami

    Management Involvement in IT

    In IT world, the projects that have hands-on involvement from upper management can be considered similar to heavyweight project team in the manufacturing world. These projects get higher priority from other functional groups. Resources and budget allocation have never been an issue for these projects. Due the extensive involveme

    Job Interview Questions

    It is important that only questions pertinent to the job be asked in an interview. Construct several interview questions using the behavioral interviewing model and post them to the Discussion Board. Discuss the legality and appropriateness of questions. Reword questions as necessary to obtain as much information as possible so

    Business Description

    You have decided to open your own business and Dr. C will provide the funds to start your business. Accordingly, Dr. C is interested in specifics about your company. 1. What type of business will you open? (product or service, provide the name of your company, etc.) 2. How will you manage diversity in your company? 3. Ho

    Cost management strategies for business decisions

    Beaujolais Financial Group (BFG) segments its customers into premium members, who purchase extensive services, and standard members, who purchase minimal services. It offers premium members a 10 percent discount on the total package of services purchased but requires standard members to pay full price. BFG devotes one full-ti

    Hiring Process for an Assembly Worker

    Can you help me get started with this project? Formulate a plan, including a flowchart, and the participants' roles for the hiring process for an assembly worker for Hyundai. Include the following: recruiting resources interview questions location references

    Hiring Plan

    Assume you have been promoted to your "dream job." But, before you leave, you must recruit, select, and train your successor. Develop a plan for how you are going to do this. These should be thorough and very detail-oriented. Where will you advertise? What tests will the candidates need to do? What skills must he/she dem

    Reasonable Accommodations Effects

    The American with Disabilities Act requires that employers make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. How might this requirement affect police officers and fire fighters?