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    Business Research and its Purpose

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    A) Define the business research and its purpose.
    B) Explain the business problem(s) under investigation.
    C) Identify the parties involved in conducting the research.
    D) Describe the method(s) used to conduct the research project.

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    A) Define the business research and its purpose.

    The business research is focused on different effects of trade liberalization. Liberalization changes the composition and quality of products demanded by consumers in importing liberalizing countries. We can apply this to developed nations that have a distinct demand for quality over quantity. Understanding the implications of trade liberalization on the changing demand for quality is very important to all exporting nations so that they can adjust the quality of their product. Besides if an exporter has the ability to produce multiple qualities of a product, the knowledge of the change in demand for quality is also critical for him to adjust the mix of qualities sold in a market. Exporters fight for an increasing share in foreign markets, it is useful to enhance the understanding of what the factors are that determine their market share, especially when markets are saturated and may not be further developed. The main purpose of this research is to show that liberalizing the trade does not mean an automatic increase in exports by all exporters into the liberalized market, but there are other effects such as the increasing quality of imported ...

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