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New Employee Training for a Sr. Collections/Credit Analyst

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Answer the following questions about a new employee training program for the position you selected for your final project:

1. Needs assessment: What types of issues might indicate a need for training? From what sources would these issues be identified? If you were a training manager, how would you prioritize training needs from these sources?

a. A supervisor requests training on the specialized technology required by five of his employees.
b. The customer service manager reports a sudden increase in calls about poor handling of repeat complaint calls.
c. The CEO requests team efficiency training to address the declining numbers of employees attending quarterly pep rallies.

2. Delivery: Identify the best method to conduct this training. Is a certification exam required? Will the training be instructor-led, self-paced, or a combination? Explain your answer.

Focusing on delivery considerations, would you use the same methods and requirements for the position directly above this job and the position directly subordinate to the job? Explain your answer.

3. Evaluation: How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the training in terms of organizational objectives and limitations?

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Issues that focus towards the need of training

- Requiring increased use of technology in production issues.

- Labor turnover arise from normal separations due to death or physical incapacity.

- For accidents, disease, voluntary retirement, promotion within the organization and change of occupation or job.

- Need for additional people to cope with an increased production.

- Employment of inexperienced people requires detailed instruction for an effective performance of a job.

- Another important concern for training is when old employees need refresher training to enable them to keep abreast of the changing methods.

- To reduce grievances and minimize accident rates.

Sources through which need for training is identified

Evaluating productivity and performance.

Measuring quality level.

Assessing company's ability to fulfill its personnel needs.
Check on grievances and accident rates.
Quantify health & safety measures.
Appraising and evaluating personal growth of employees
Requirement of technology up gradation.
Main concern would be to handle repeated customer complaints. The customer is the ultimate motive for every organization and it is set on priority. Customer and market orientation is essential.

Training needs are set according to 'how big the problem is' and its effect on the entire organization sales, profit, employee turnover and expenses. The problem might be small but can have an adverse impact on the firm. Priority is also on the basis of the time required to solve the problem.

After focusing on customer complaints matter, the technology and team efficiency are essential to stress upon. As a training manager, importance would be given to technology training as it requires specialized learning whereas in team efficiency the problem is increasing at a slow ...

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