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Point Factor Evaluation of Job Positions

In part one of this activity, you will first use your point factor job evaluation from the Unit 2 Individual Project to determine the salary grades and salary ranges of the six identified positions. In the second part, you will use the pay level data listed on the Salary Grades and Ranges chart and employment data published by the U.S. government to compare the average pay level nationwide to the average pay you assigned to these six positions. You will also analyze the differences and similarities between your data and the published data.

Part One:

The positions you analyzed in the point factor job evaluation from the unit 2 Individual Project were the following:

retail cashier
registered nurse
police detective
mechanical engineer
engineering manager
For each of those positions, identify and record the number of evaluation points that you assigned in the unit 2 Individual Project.

Next, identify the grade to the belonging position according to the evaluation points you assigned for the following:

Grade 1 includes jobs with 9 to 15 job evaluation points.
Grade 2 includes jobs with 16 to 17 job evaluation points.
Grade 3 includes jobs with 18 to 19 job evaluation points.
Grade 4 includes jobs with 20 to 21 job evaluation points.
Grade 5 includes jobs with 22 to 23 job evaluation points.
Grade 6 includes jobs with 24 to 25 job evaluation points.
Grade 7 includes jobs with 26 to 27 job evaluation points.
Grade 8 includes jobs with 28 job evaluation points.
Grade 9 includes jobs with 29 job evaluation points.
Grade 10 includes jobs with 30 job evaluation points.
The Salary Grades and Ranges chart contains the salary ranges for each pay grade according to the data published by the U.S. government. Use this chart to identify and record the median salary range for each of the positions you analyzed.

Click here to view the Salary Grades and Ranges chart.

Part Two:

The U.S. Government publishes data on the national median salaries of all professions. Use the Library and the Internet to find the national median salaries for the six jobs identified above. Compare the median salaries reported by the government to the median salaries you recorded in part one.

Explain your answers to these questions: Are your calculations of the median salaries from the six positions similar to the national median salaries and grades reported by the U.S. government? If they are, what may this mean? If they are not, what would this most likely mean, and what may be the cause of it?

Next, make an educated assumption about the method of pay for each of the six positions listed above: Do you think the method for each includes base pay only, commission, base plus bonus or incentive, exempt, hourly, or some other method? Describe your guesses for each of the six jobs.

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Analyzing Positions:

Total Points Grade Median Salary Range Median Salaries National figures
Registered nurse
20 4 40,000- 60,000 50,000
Retail cashier
19 3 30,000- 50,000 16,000
Police detective
24 6 60,000-80,000 120,000
Landscaper 23 5 50,000-70,000 100,000
Mechanical engineer
23 5 50,000-70,000
Engineering ...

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This posting gives you a point factor evaluation for six job position. Then it compares the median salaries assigned through the point factor evaluation to salaries assigned by the government.