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    Jackson Pollock's Convergence

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    Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's Convergence (p. 510, Figure 734), is a work of "fine art" as opposed to an arbitrary composition of paint.

    Imagine that you are a defense attorney for this work of art. Establish a very strong "argument" for this artwork by first establishing what defines "fine art." Support your argument with research. In addition, consider what influenced the artist to create work like Convergence, and discuss how this work fits into the specific era, and the specific movement from which it comes.

    If you use additional sources use reliable/credible sources (retail sites are not considered reliable resources). All writing must be in your own words. Do not cut and paste information from any website.

    What I''m looking for: What are the criteria for ''fine art''? How does this piece fit into that definition? There are many aspects to this question to consider! Don't simply give the definition of art, instead expand and support your discussion. How does this piece relate to the era? What were the artists motivations? This painting is particularly challenging for those raised on more traditional (realistic) artwork. Don''t let your own (current) personal feelings keep you from discovering this great piece. Remember to do your reading and research - your post should show a clear understanding of the era and movement which the work "comes from". What 'issues' is this work concerned with?

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    By fine arts we mean that the work is produced for beauty rather than utility. In addition, the artist must show that he has the knowledge of theory and technique that is required to compose the painting. Fine art also relates to the realm of human experience. The criteria that can be used to judge fine art are the level of aesthetics, the knowledge of theory/technique and the human experience that is captured in the work.

    The painting Jackson Pollock's Convergence is an excellent depiction of gesture/action painting in which the painters actions were an important part of the result. Jackson Pollock's Convergence shows that the painter had the knowledge of theory and ...

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