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    Jackson Pollack: Pollack's Style

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    Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's style of painting, as exemplified by Convergence, is considered an important, innovative development in the history of painting. To see this painting, locate it in the unit's Resource List.

    Imagine that you are a defense attorney for this work of art. Support your argument with research. Establish a very strong "argument" by considering the artist's unique technique, what influenced him to create work like Convergence, and how this work fits into its specific era and specific art movement.

    When researching the internet for addition resources, use reliable/credible sites. Retail sites and Wikipedia are not considered reliable resources. All writing must be in your own words. Do not cut and paste information from the website.

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    As you imagine that you are a defense attorney for this work of art, please allow some of my notes to support your argument with research.

    First, as you consider the artist's unique technique, you might suggest that both Pollock and this piece revolutionized the genre of action painting and even abstract expressionism. Because his paintings are enormous (this one is about 8 feet tall and 13 feet wide), he ...

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