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    Business Law

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    Employment laws and discrimintaion

    Can you please define and describe the law as it applies to employment discrimination - what is the ultimate yardstick in this area? Is there such a thing as lawful discrimination? Can you please discuss the issues and problems surrounding "quotas" and "affirmative action."

    Americans with Disabilities Act

    1) Write a summary of the employment law called " Americans with Disablities Act." 2) What are the 3 lessons from the act that help a new manager avoid legal problems?

    Motivating Managers to Act in the Interest of Shareholders

    Which of the following mechanisms is used to motivate managers to act in the interest of shareholders? A.Bond covenants. B.The threat of a takeover C.Pressure from the board of directors D.Statements a and b are correct E.Statements b and c are correct.

    Introduction to International Law is presented.

    Goliath, Inc., a United States producer of gem quality sapphires, set up a subsidiary holding company in the Cayman Islands (Junior, Ltd.) to control all of Goliath's non-United States subsidiaries. Junior then entered into a cartel agreement with producers of sapphires in those countries (other than the US) where sapphires ar

    Holder in Due Course/ Banking Procedures

    Problem: Hypothetical situation: Your company buys a computer from Midnight Computer Supplies. Unknown to your company, Midnight has removed the high storage hard drive that you ordered and replaced it with an inferior drive having inadequate storage. Your company pays Midnight with a $20,000 check. Midnight owes its vendor,

    Printer for restaurant location

    A restaurant location approximatley 1 mile from corporate headquarters has in its budget money to buy a new color printer. The restaurant location has a need to print daily menus. Typically, the Marketing department prints all food and beverage menus for multiple locations, and sends to each location. The printing for all menus

    Principal, agent, employee, independent contractor

    Arnold is Chief Executive Officer of Beta Corp.His responsibilities include decisions on product develop-ment, marketing, and other significant business directions. Arnold is subject to the approval and oversight of Beta's board of directors. Carol is a Beta manager whose duties include the firm's day to day hiring, firing, purc

    Liability: Is Discount liable to Beta? Why or why not.

    Alpha Engineering Corp. has a contract with Beta Mart Stores to provide customized software for Beta's inventory control system. Discount Outlets,Inc., beta's competitor, bribes an Alpha employee who is writing the code to delay delivery of the code for one week. As a result, Alpha's delivery of the softwareis delayed, and Beta


    On may 1, Local Cartage Co. and Modern Computers, Inc., orally agreed that Local Cartage will pick up from Nat'l Chip Corp. and deliver to Modern Computers' manufacturing plant a certain number of computer chips on each Monday in the month. Under the agreement, Modern Computers will pay for the delivery services on June 1. On Ma

    "flag of convenience" law how to start paper,may I start with assumption?

    Scenario: Congratulations! You have just been hired by Diversified Worldwide Industries (DWI), Inc., as the Vice President of Risk Management. DWI is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, and has over 150 offices in 30 countries. DWI is incorporated in the State of Delaware; its ships are flagged by Liberia and the Bahama

    Business law

    There are no right or wrong answers, just personal opinins... #1 Four sentences, what do you think? In the case of Bullington v. Palangio, the Bullington Construction Corporation was contracted to build a house for Palangio, before construction was completed the corporation's charter was revoked for tax problems. Bullington s

    Business law questions...

    There are no right or wrong answers, just personal opinins... #1. Four sentences, do you agree? There are many advantages and disadvantages on having your own business or family business even worst. Like for example most of family businesses are in Mexico and there have been always problems (having a big family) of who gets wha

    Two Busines Law Problems

    #1 Provide 4 sentences: what advantages and disadvantages are associated with each major business forms or how does a franchising relationship arise? #2 Provide 4 sentences: In light of all the corporate scandals (Enron, Marth, etc), what are the duties (tort word) of corporate directors and officers? How about what do y

    Case Studies: Analysis of Different Scenarios

    Use this sample case study as a model for how to answer the case study scenarios listed below. Sample Case Study to follow: Facts: Theodore Rosenblatt filed suit against the law firm that he worked for after they fired him. His suit claimed that he was discharged because he was married to an African American and that he w

    What remedies are available to the nonbreaching party?

    What remedies are available to the nonbreaching party? It is important you understand the differences in the various types of damages. In Hadley v. Baxendale (1854), liquidated damages versus penalties, specific performance, mitigation of damages, compensatory damages and or punitive damages. What are the difference betw

    Four Business Law Cases

    There are no right or wrong answers... #1. Write four sentences of your opinion, do you agree: quasi contracts are implied in law contracts. These are fictional contracts imposed on parties by a court in the interests of fairness and justice. These are usually imposed to avoid the unjust enrichment of one party at the expense

    Two Case Studies Problems...

    The guildlines for each case study are attached in the attachment and must provide the following guidelines: FACTS- (Already stated in the question) ISSUE- ( What is the dispute between the parties?) LAW- (What area of the law?) DISCUSSION-(This is your analysis-include major and minor points/opposing points of view or cou

    Example Law Questions

    #1 A New York man decided to discipline his truant son by beating him with a stick of beef jerky. The man now faces seven years in prison after being charged with 2nd degree assault. Why is the man being punished, granted a second degree beating and a hospital trip sounds like a lot more than discipline. If it wasn't, does the

    Business and Criminal Law Concepts of Current Events

    Please provide response on the following three responses: #1)(4-5 sentences)Please give examples of Criminal Law concept relating to a current event and gives cross-over issues such as yelling at a golf match or fire in a movie theather. Free speech or criminal conduct? #2)your opinion(4-5 sentences)tort is defined as a

    Case studies problems

    The guildlines for each case study are attached in the attachment and must provide the following guidelines: FACTS- (Already stated in the question) ISSUE- ( What is the dispute between the parties?) LAW- (What area of the law?) DISCUSSION-(This is your analysis-include major and minor points/opposing points of vi

    Business Law: Isaiah Brown and the Tacoma Washington

    The guildlines for each case study should include the following: (I have included a sample case study in the attachment along with the two case studies) FACTS: (Already stated in the question) ISSUE: (What is the dispute between the parties?) LAW: (What area of the law?) DISCUSSION: (This is your analysis-include maj

    Proprietorships - Business Law

    I am studying for an upcoming exam and need help with the following true or false questions. Beside each of the statements below circle the letter "T" if the statement is true, or, circle the letter "F" if the statement is false. (1) Sole proprietorships are typically financed through trade credit, a bank loan, accounts rec

    UCC Principles to Sales Contracts

    Details: See attached. Includes: - Discussion Question: What are the UCC principles of good faith and reasonableness to sales contract? - Discussion Question: According to UCC Article 2, can written agreements orally? Why or why not? - Discussion Question: What are the similarities between common law contracts and contrac

    Sarbanes-Oxley Act

    Please illustrate the relationship between ethics and internal control techniques. Can you please describe in detail the importance of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?

    Logo Trademarking Protection

    Subject: BUG, Inc. Details: Scenario: BUG, Inc., a company based in Any State, U.S.A., designs, manufactures, and sells electronic recording devises. These devices are used by law enforcement agencies (police, FBI, etc.) to intercept and record sounds and voices. The equipment taps into telephone wires, cell phone transmission

    Business Law

    List five clauses that should be included in an international sales contract and explain why they should be included.

    Business Law

    When the promoters fail to comply with some of the mandatory conditions precedent to incorporation, but substantially comply with the provisions taken as a whole, what kind of corporation is created? a. a de facto corporation b. a corporation by estoppel c. a corporation quo warranto d. a de jure corporation The answ

    Business Law

    The time period within which a customer must report unauthorized customer signatures to the bank to get his account redirected is: a. fourteen days b. six months c. one year d. three years The answer is not a.

    Business Law Problem: Operations of Economic Concentration

    Which of the following actions constitute operations of economic concentration? (a) the merger of two or more unrelated actors covered by this law; (b) formation of a common corporation by two or more unrelated actors covered by this law, when the operation has as its result economic concentration and the resulting company