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Printer for restaurant location

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A restaurant location approximatley 1 mile from corporate headquarters has in its budget money to buy a new color printer. The restaurant location has a need to print daily menus. Typically, the Marketing department prints all food and beverage menus for multiple locations, and sends to each location. The printing for all menus for consistency is done by Marketing.

The problem, the restaurant has the money and feels it has the right to buy the printer. The restaurant is doing a superior job hitting their budget. In the past, the restaurant printed their own menus, but wasted money on reprints, and it lacked consistency to menus in other locations. The Marketing department has worked hard to generate consistency in materials.

My business instincts buy the printer, ensure templates are used, and clear communication between departments is maintained. In the past, the restaurants did as they please. The restaurnat may not follow procedures, so it could result in a big mistake. I am unable to find a balance, or a solution that both departments will buy into.

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The expert examines printers for restaurant locations.

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I think this question involves quite a few unknown variables. How large of a chain are we talking? We are led to assume that the color printer would be used for other things as well?? How are the menus currently distributed? But we'll assume that are a fair amount of locations (5+).

With the information given, and from a ...

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