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    House of Quality: Operations and Supply Management

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    Develop a house of quality that helps guide your design of the location (both interior and exterior), operating times, etc. to best fulfill your customers' wishes and help your business be competitive in the marketplace. Try to examine at least 6 different "how" characteristics (how you will achieve the customer requirements). Based on your analysis, how will you spend your limited funds? Why?

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    In reviewing the operations platform of conducting business, such as, the example of a Mexican restaurant the ability to outline a suffice house of quality initiative. Thus, in the design of the imperative components to making the organization success understand customers needs and wants from the business. Let's take a look at the following:

    Try to examine at least 6 different "how" characteristics (how you will achieve the customer requirements).

    In a fast past Mexican Restaurant, such as, FreshMex will succeed based on the location and ethnic decor to rending a strong influence towards authentic Mexican food. Thus, the main "how" characteristics for the business owner to consider, entails the following:


    1. Chef trained in the Mexican cuisine for infusing an ethnic style of taste and gourmet precision. Good Mexican cuisine. Importance Scale = 9

    2. Prices are set at a reasonable rate with bountiful of food offering for the particular Mexican cuisine consumer to the newly exposed consumer to such cuisine. Fair and reasonable prices. Importance Scale = 8

    3. Waitress and Waiters are experienced in knowing the different menu options and prices matrixes to effectively selling the food cuisine. Great customer service. Importance Scale = 9


    1. The location is easier to get to having great Mexican Cuisine. A central location in a well ...

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    The house of quality for operations and supply management is examined.