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Rock of Ages

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What is the recommendation ROA do to address the following management issues:
How did all the pieces fit together gicen the firm's new strategy?
How did the quarry support manufacturing?
How did manufacturing support sales?
How did they all add value?
How did they all work together to achieve a competitive advantage?

Identify existing strengths and weakness.

Where operations were today and how it interfaced with other funcational areas of the company. Also, flow from that and involve the development of a new overall strategy.

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What is the recommendation ROA do to address the following management issues?

How did all the pieces fit together given the firm's new strategy?
All the pieces fit together given the firm's new strategy. The quarries supply the exact type of granite that is required for memorials. The manufacturing gets the right type of granite it requires, makes products required for retailing. The retailing markets monuments, industrial products and mausoleums to customers according to their requirements.

There is vertical integration in the Rock of Ages. The company has its own quarries; it uses the granite to manufacture premium quality industrial products, monuments and mausoleums. When required, Rock of Ages out-sources some of its work. The company does the detailing work by itself. It differentiates its products through branding that is related to the quality of granite. The company has taken up the task of selling its products to its customers. The company uses direct marketing tools. It gains competitive advantage by differentiating its products based on quality, intricateness of detailing, and branding. By purchasing cemeteries it is increasing its direct marketing abilities.

It is recommended that the integration strategies should continue those quarries that don't meet the manufacturing requirements of Rock of Ages may be sold. Cemeteries and other retailing outlets for memorials may be acquired for increasing retailing presence.

How did the quarry support manufacturing?
Rock of Ages manufacturing is based on making the right type of branded monument from the correct quality of granite. The quarry supported manufacturing by producing the quality of granite required by manufacturing. The manufacturing has ...

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