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    Sally DoGood, a police officer in Shady Town...

    Sally DoGood, a police officer in Shady Town, was sitting in a police van monitoring wiretaps placed in the Crime Boss hideout. The equipment she was using, which was an older model purchased from BUG, short-circuited and injured Sally. An insulator that could have prevented the possibility of shorts was not included in the orig

    'Good points' and 'Bad points' of ADR Clause

    (Non-grade exercise prior to start of mediation course) Please list both good points and bad points of this alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause: According to an article found at http://www.mediate.com/articles/kichavenJ4.cfm This article that provides information and an example on an alternative dispute resolut

    Price fixing auction house commissions and whistle blowers

    Need some assistance with the following questions to be able to understand concepts, need brief explanations: 1. Sotheby's and Christie's auction houses and/or their agents (employees) were recently charged with price fixing auction house commissions? Should the employees be penalized civilly (fined), criminally (jailed) or

    Health Care Organizations

    In general terms, what knowledge, skills, and individual behaviors must an executive have to be politically competent and and to be good corporate citizens? Describe the impact of recent laws and regulations on the management of health care.

    Contractual Employee/Independent Contractor

    What are the contractual and agency implications of a regular employee who is using a company computer to repeatedly send sexually explicit material to friends? Would the implications be different if it were an independent contractor?

    President Clinton's Health Reform Proposal of 1993

    Analyze and discuss President Clinton's Health Reform Proposal of 1993 using the terms of this metaphor. Apply your critical thinking skills to assess the events surrounding this proposal as objectively as possible.

    Case of Corporate Veil

    Why did Carlton win? Are you satisfied with the result of the case? The State of New York, like every other state, could have rejected Carlton's application to incorporate. Should it have done so? Why or why not? Perhaps the safest ground transportation in the world is the London taxicab. The drivers are honest and court

    The answer to legal issues

    Each of the following questions presents one or more legal issues. In your answers, state each legal issue succinctly, state the pertinent rule of law and explain how the rule applies. Please provide citing information that's used. 1. The Chan family stops by Speedy Automatic Car Wash on their way through Arizona to Tex

    Is the principal liable: Andrew hires Patricia; Megaborne hires Ed.

    Discuss whether the principal is liable in each of the following situations. Explain your answer. Andrew hires Patricia, an attorney, to negotiate a contract to purchase some property. He agrees to pay her $75 an hour for her services, and she agrees to use her own office and secretarial staff to negotiate and draft the agr

    Compensation Law

    Can you please explain some laws and/or regulations applicable to compensation for an organization? What are the corrolations? Please find current interpretations of the law and implications to an organization?

    Compare and Contrast

    Compare and contrast the following concepts: Binding and nonbinding promises Bilateral and unilateral contracts Contracts and quasi-contracts Offer and acceptance Offer and counteroffer Monetary damages and equitable relief Adjudicated insane and insane in fact

    Organic Farms and Grocery, Inc: Terms of Contract, F.O.B. (Free on Board)

    Scenario: Grocery, Inc., is a retail grocery store chain based in Any State, U.S.A. Grocery has stores throughout the United States. Grocery has written contracts with many different vendors to purchase the products they sell in their stores. Vendors range from individuals to international corporations. Tom Green works as the pr

    (Long-Term Contract with an Overall Loss)

    I am having problems completing the rest of the assignments similar to this problem. I just need to get in the ballpark. I will figure the rest out. I want to use this problem as a template for my test next week. I belive I will have several questions on the test for this problem. On July 1, 2004, Kim Kyung-wook Construction

    Compare and Contrast the following concepts:

    Compare and Contrast the following concepts: Assault and battery Public nuisance and private nuisance Intentional tort and negligence Negligence, strict liability and product liability in tort

    Property rights

    What is property right? What role do property rights play in a market economy?


    Assume there is no statute. Can Eileen collect from those who keep the plaque without paying? If not, why not? It would appear that Eileen could collect from that customer if that customer chose to keep the plaque. When the customer knowingly does so she would then be entering into a quasi-contract and would be obliged to p


    Can there be a Case Analysis formed from this FARAGHER v. CITY OF BOCA RATON? I have tried the websites I listed below. My problem is I can't seem to minimize the Case Analysis with the Facts, Issue, Holding and Summary of the Court's Reasoning. Go to the web sites recommended (like www.findlaw.com and www.law.cornell.edu

    Discussion Question

    Eileen Forward manufactures inspirational wall plaques worth a dollar or two and ships them unsolicited to devout elderly people along with an invoice for $20.00. Remarkably, most of the recipients pay the invoice, and many of the rest return the plaque to Eileen. Some discard Eileen's package. But some of the recipients keep

    Discussion Question Two

    Raffles (the broker) and Wichelhaus (the customer) didn't actually agree on a specific arrival date. So why do you think the court found in favor of the customer? Why do you think the customer refused to accept delivery? A contract is an agreement. Suppose a rancher says to his neighbor, "I'll sell you my horse for $500."

    Mark Realty, Inc. v. Rogness (Case Study)

    Case Analysis on the current issue below Can you start a Case Analysis pls ? Below are just some useful resources .. I've sent a problem like this through before and I received it back w/ no problem. Mark Realty, Inc. v. Rogness 418 SO.2D 373 (1982) District Court of Appeals of Florida COWART, Judge Tilman

    Discussion Questions

    Discussion Question One A few years ago a New Mexico jury awarded Stella Liebeck $2.7 million in punitive damages after she received third degree burns from a cup of McDonald's coffee she spilled in her lap. Do you think it is appropriate to punish corporate wrongdoing by awarding punitive damages in a private lawsuit? Was

    Doower v. Gotham

    What are Eval's best arguments? What are Gotham's best arguments? Doower v. Gotham Eval Doower devises a clever scheme to rip off the Gotham Department Store. During the day, he manages to enter the store's loft and loosen the hatch opening onto the roof. He plans to hide in the men's toilet until the store closes and

    Court's Reasoning

    I am trying to minimize a case analysis and it's not working - since I'm unable to minimize it due to the amount of information given. I have to discuss the Summary of the Court's Reasoning on this case. This is the information I have for the Case Analysis - I can not complete this withought the Court's Reasoning. Unfortunat

    Franchise Agreement Scenario

    Ralph Emerson thought he'd been a librarian long enough, and when the opportunity to open a small tobacco, pipe, and cigar shop in the newly renovated downtown business district arose, he was ready to act. Pipe Dreams is a franchisor of smoke shops, and was founded eight years ago by a noted tobacconist in New York City. The con

    First Amendment - "Freedom of Expression"

    The First Amendment doesn't actually say "freedom of expression." Why would this interpretation be correct? How does that interpretation come to be the accepted one?