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    Business Law

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    Offeree and Unconscionability

    In general, when are offerees bound by "fine-print" terms stated in offers? Focus only on the rules regarding offers and do not consider unconscionability. a) Always. b) Only when they actually read the term. c) Only when they had actual or reasonable notice of the term. d) Never.

    Business Law

    Bobbitco, Inc., a Tennessee-based firm, produces small household appliances and distributes them on a nationwide basis. By far its best-known product is a kitchen appliance known as the SLICE-O-MATIC. According to Bobbitco's frequent TV commercials, the electric-powered machine "slices, dices, slashes, and even mutilates, what

    Business Law is questioned.

    State X has a "Sunday Closing Law" making it a crime to operate a retail business on Sundays. The law's legislative history reveals that it was enacted to promote respect for the Sabbath by all the people of the state, and thus to promote public decency and morality. One Sunday, Judy Smith slips on a puddle of spilled soft drink

    Business Law question is posed.

    Which of the following is slander rather than libel? a) A defamatory statue. b) A defamatory TV broadcast. c) A defamatory magazine article. d) All of the above are libel rather than slander.

    Business Law

    Assume that a state, acting through the appropriate county prosecutor, plans to initiate a felony prosecution against Phil Anderer. Further assume that the state is among those in which felony defendants may be charged by either of the two methods discussed in the text. Which of the following is an accurate statement? a) If a

    Business Law Multiple choice question- Fallacy

    Lucy, a human resources manager, tells employee Ed that he cannot have the day off to be with his girlfriend who has the flu because "if we gave you the day off, we would have to give anyone the day off if they had a friend who was sick." Lucy is engaging in: a) Bandwagon fallacy. c) argumentum ad hominem. b) argumentum ad

    Fundamentals of Trust

    Which of the following trusts is most likely to require a writing? a. a charitable trust b. a spendthrift trust c. a trust involving the conveyance of real property to the trust d. a constructive trust.

    By accepting nonconforming goods, a buyer normally

    By accepting nonconforming goods, a buyer normally a. waives all remedies against the seller for the nonconformity b. is obligated to pay for the goods c. gives up any possibility of later revoking acceptance d. all of the above

    Business Law: UCC

    Which of the following is most likely to be considered a sale of goods to which the UCC applies? a. a dentist places a crown over a patient's tooth b. a gas station sells and installs a new battery in a car c. a hairstylist uses a creme rinse in styling a client's hair d. a contractor builds a house for a landowner

    Business Law question

    The Code's statute of frauds requirement applies to all contracts for the sale of goods in an amount of $500 or more. a. True b. False

    Business Law question

    In most states today, leases of goods are handled by Article 2A of the UCC. a. true b. false

    Breach of Contract Performance

    A failure to give substantial performance where substantial performance is normally required is a material breach of the contract. a. true b. false

    Business Law question

    Behavior that strongly suggests that a party will not perform his obligations under a contract cannot ever be a material breach, because this would unfairly penalize a party who, after all, may later be able to perform. a. True b. False

    Business Law question

    With regard to a completely integrated contract, parole evidence can be used to: a. contradict the terms of the contract b. explain ambiguities on the contract c. supplement the terms of the contract d. modify the terms of the contract

    Business Law question: defamation

    In which of the following cases is it most likely that the plaintiff will only have to prove negligence on the defendant's part to recover from defamation? a. Statements that a U.S. Senator had someone killed b. Statements that Madaonna had someone killed c. A statement that you or I negligently killed someone during a hur

    Eminem Methods: Completed contract, percentage, installment

    Please provide answers in the spaced provided. The Eminem Co. has obtained a contract to build a music center at Seaport Village. The center will take three years to construct and will require of Eminem cash outflows of $1.0 million, $0.5 million, and $0.5 million in years 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Eminem will receive the

    Business Analysis Situation

    Please provide correct reasons for your choice: 1. As a small business owner, Brittany has found that the Internet has: a. reduced her market opportunities b. increased the competition in her industry c. given her more control in the buyer-seller relationship d. reduced the impact of change in her business 2. Pam is a