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    Business Law

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    Business Law Problems

    Hello I have used BrainMass before for Mathemetics and it has been great. I have a business law exam coming up soon. My professor gave us practice questions for the exam and I need them answered. If this assignment please answer all of the questions in the JPG. Attachments. (See attached files for full problem descrip

    Negotiating a Contract with Employees

    A manufacturing company is negotiating a contract with its employees. The probability that the union will go on strike is 5%. If the union goes on strike, the company estimates that it loose $345,000.00 for the year. If the union does not go on strike, the company estimates it will make $1.2 million dollars. Find the companies

    Business Law Problems

    1. Discovery is part of: A. Substantive Law B. General Law C. Motion Practice D. Procedural Law 2 "res ipsa loquitor" means" A. The thing speaks for itself. B. Assumption of risk. C. Reasonable person D. Location of the tort. 3. Bankruptcy matters a

    Law Versus Justice (Business Ethics)

    Holmes states that everybody has a different justice concept based on their viewpoint, experience and social affiliation. Justice is seen as an effort to do what is "right". Since people are coming from a variety of backgrounds, their personal judgments and criterions will also vary. So we cannot be able to narrow or classify a

    Law Versus Justice (Business Ethics)

    According to Oliver Wendell Holmes, "We practice law, not justice. There is no such thin as objective justice which is a subjective matter. A man might feel justified in stealing a loaf of bread to fill his belly; the baker might think it most just for the thief's hands to be cut off, as in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. Acco

    Americans with Disabilities Act

    I'm looking for help with the question below: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was designed to protect workers with disabilities against employer discrimination. In actual practice, how well does the Act achieve this goal? Explain. Support your answer with examples from recent court decisions.

    United States workplace labour laws

    1. What are the employee workplace rights mandated by U.S. Federal law? 2. Briefly discuss at least two controversial issues concerning workplace rights (other than monitoring email). 3. In addition, discuss the issue of workplace privacy. Specifically, do employees have the right to expect privacy in their email conversatio

    Employee's Rights

    I need help with answering the following questions: 1. How do courts decide who is an employee and who is an independent contractor? 2. What are the possible legitimate reasons for which an employee can challenge a wrongful termination? 3. In what situations does a terminated employee have no recourse?

    Compute Amount of Net Cash Flow Investing Activities

    Following transactions occurred during 2005 a) Acquired machine with cost of $225,000 by issuing shares of common stock b) Bonds, with $500,000 of face value and 10 years till maturity, were issued at a $35,000 premium c) Collected $175,000 on acct d) Declared $65,000 of dividends. Pd $50,000 declared in 2005 plus another

    Business Law - Ethics in Business: Diversified Worldwide Industries (DWI)

    Scenario: Congratulations! You have just been hired by Diversified Worldwide Industries (DWI), Inc., as the Vice President of Risk Management. DWI is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, and has over 150 offices in 30 countries. DWI is incorporated in the State of Delaware; its ships are flagged by Liberia and the Bahamas

    Corporate Law: Duties of directors, conflict of interest, corporate opportunity

    Problem solving question on corporation law Transparent Corporate Governance Pty Co Ltd (TCG), a consulting ,has a board which includes C and D. The company has deleted Replacement Rule s.194,following some earlier turbulence. At the initiation of board members C and D ,on the incorporation of TCG ,the company had purcha

    Liability to Third Party

    Attached is some work i have done for the topic of Liability to Third Party. I need help in answering some questions below. 4. Appropriate management response to the situation to limit legal liability. 5. Preventative measures that management can take to limit liability in the future. Explain the action that management ca

    The Law and 900 Telephone Charges: XYZ Company

    A large company (XYZ) owns a local telephone service. XYZ company allows the telephone service company to run 900 numbers for dating services, chat lines, and psychic hot lines. These charges often blend into the small print on the bill and are shown as charges from the XYZ company instead of the dating service, chat line, etc.

    Holding a Cruise Ship liable for damages

    Two passengers (husband and wife), from the United States, were on a cruise ship that was flying the flag of Liberia. During the cruise they surprised two employees of robbing their room. During the scuffle, the husband had a heart attack and died. The spouse wants to sue the owner of the ship, since the robbers were identified

    Clean Water Act-environmental law

    4. Appropriate management response to the situation to limit legal liability. and 6. Explain the action that management can take to apply the liability limiting rules to the situation. ---------------------- Workplace Application Report 1. Topic / Legal Issue: Topic: Environmental Law Issue: One of Disn

    MBI's branch in country G is TransShip, Ltd., a shipping company...

    MBI's branch in country G is TransShip, Ltd., a shipping company. Its manager signed a contract with Erecto to the A.P.O. (Army Purchasing Organization) in Country I. TransShip is not to make delivery until the A.P.O. deposits the purchase price into an account in JumboBank in Country J and this fact is communicated to TransShip

    Corn Law

    What exactly is the Corn Law? Why did the Protectionist want the Corn Law and why did the Free trade dislike the Corn law?

    Repealing of the Corn Law, 1846

    Why was it a good idea for Robert Peel to repeal the Corn Law? Would his decision be viewed iin later years as a stroke of genius or an error in judgment.

    Business liability for mistakes

    Hello, Attach is my work for mistakes for Disney. I need some comments and advise for question 5 and also double check my work for number 4. 5. Explain the action that management can take to apply the liability limiting rules to the situation. Also, please check if number 4 looks good. "appropraite management response

    How to limit liability in case of use of advertisements?

    Hello, please help answer the problem below: problem #5. Explain the action that management can take to apply the liability limiting rules to the situation. Also, if it is possible to quickly check work and see if i answered correctly.Workplace Application Report Format 1. Module 3 Topic / Legal Issue: Topic: Contr

    Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), UCITA, AND NCCUSL

    After more than 10 years of proposals, revisions and re-revisions, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) at long last voted to adopt the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) on July 29. Like its better-known cousin, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), this act is intended to prom

    Rights issue: subscription price

    If a company is considering structuring the rights issue to allow for an additional share to be purchased for 10 rights at a subscription price of $3, would a shareholder with 100 shares be indifferent between purchasing a new share for 10 rights at $3 or purchasing a new share for 20 rights at $6. Please prove your analyze wit

    Responsibility centers within a Law Firm

    You have been asked to speak about the topic of responsibility centers to a group of executives at a conference. Briefly describe three examples of responsibility centers with in a Law Firm. Describe how the responsibility centers interact.


    2. (a) Your friend Dick Wasson cannot understand how the characteristic of corporation management is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Clarify this problem for Dick. (b) Identify and explain two other disadvantages of a corporation. 4. What are the basic ownership rights of common stockholders in the absence of restricti

    Law relating to Fraudulent Trading and the consequences

    The Directors of Eggs company decsribed as a very successful company have an action for fraudulent trading pending against them. The Articles of Association of Eggs Company 9.7,state that "The company will indemnify Directors against any liability incurred whilst acting as directors of the company, including (but not lilmited