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    Compute amount of Net Cash Flow FYE 12/31/05 from 1) Investing Activities and 2) Financing Activities

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    Following transactions occurred during 2005

    a) Acquired machine with cost of $225,000 by issuing shares of common stock
    b) Bonds, with $500,000 of face value and 10 years till maturity, were issued at a $35,000 premium
    c) Collected $175,000 on acct
    d) Declared $65,000 of dividends. Pd $50,000 declared in 2005 plus another $25,000 that was declared in 2004
    e) Equipment was purchased for $250,000 by issuing a 5-year note for $200,000 and paying the balance in cash
    f) Investments classified as Avail-For-Sale, with carrying value of $65,000 were sold at a $10,000 loss
    g) Issued 10,000 shares of $20 par preferred stock at $35 per share
    h) Machines having a book value of $125,000 were sold at a $15,000 gain
    i) Purchased $315,000 of inventory on account
    j) Reacquired previously issued common stock for $85,000
    k)Received $225,000 for a note that matured, including $40,000 of interest
    l) Trading Investments were purchased for $35,000 cash

    Compute amt of Net Cash Flow FYE 12/31/05 from 1) Investing Activities 2) Financing Activities

    CLUE: Net Cash flow from financing activities exceeds net cash flow from investing activities by $395,000

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    First we add the investing activities that bring in cash flow these are Machines Sold 140,000 and Avail-for-Sale that is 55,000 this gives us a total cash inflow of 195,000.
    Then we add the cash outflow from investing activities that is investment in machinery that is ...

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    The expert computes the amount of net cash flow investing activities. The acquired machine costs by issuing shares of common stocks are determined.