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Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities

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Info taken from selected 2005 financial statements is as follows:

a) A/R increased 45,000
b)COGS $820,000
c)Dividends Declared and Pd $75,000
d)Income Tax Exp $70,000
e)Interest Exp $40,000
f)Investment, Avail-For-Sale decreased $55,000
g)Gain on sale of Equip $10,000
h)Land Increased $315,000
i)Loss on Sale of Machine $30,000
j)Operating Exp $270,000 (Not including Depr Exp $60,000)
k)Prepd Ins Decreased $60,000
l)Salary Payable decreased $25,000
m)Sales Revenue $1,750,000
n)Tax Payable increased $5,000

Compute amt of "Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities" FYE 12/31/05.

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The solution determines the net cash flow from operating activities.

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