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Case studies problems

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The guildlines for each case study are attached in the attachment and must provide the following guidelines:

FACTS- (Already stated in the question)

ISSUE- ( What is the dispute between the parties?)

LAW- (What area of the law?)

DISCUSSION-(This is your analysis-include major and minor points/opposing points of view or counterpoints is a huge plus)

CONCLUSION-(Sometimes referred to as the Resolution-I should be able to know your conclusion by the way your framed your issue and by your sound discussion-go back to your issue- see if you answered it)

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See my attachment for answers.
<br>See the following websites for discussions on the tort of negligence:
<br>www.personalinjuryfyi.com/personal_infjury_negligence.html, and
<br>www.injuryboard.com/view.cfg/Topic=22. I am also attaching a .pdf file that shows a flowchart of the tort of negligence with references to individual cases. The website for this chart is ...

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