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Case Study

This exercise is comprised of three case studies involving different stages of the life span. Assume that you are a specialist in Human Development and the three individuals in the case studies come to you for your advise, wisdom and knowledge in Human Development. Write as much as you feel is warranted for the case study.

Case Study #1-Ralph

Ralph is a 70 year old man who has been retired for five years. He has grown tired of retirement and has decided to find employment and work on a part time basis. He is concerned about his age and doesn't know if he should return to a job driving a cab, or school bus or if he should learn a new trade. What issues, advice and recommendations would you make to Ralph.

Case Study#2-Sally

Sally's daughter Julia has been having trouble learning in school and the teacher has recommended that the School Counselor and Psychologist be brought in for a consult. They have asked you to help address Julia's situation. What are your recommendations?

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As you address Case Study #1, you might look at how it pertains to Erickson's Ego Development Outcome: Integrity vs. Despair. Because of Ralph's retirement, he seems restless and is exhibiting what Erickson's calls ...

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