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#1 A New York man decided to discipline his truant son by beating him with a stick of beef
jerky. The man now faces seven years in prison after being charged with 2nd degree assault. Why is the man being punished, granted a second degree beating and a hospital trip sounds like a lot more than discipline. If it wasn't, does the instrument matter? I was "spanked" growing up and never thought of calling the police. Have any laws changed or is this strictly a case of a man taking things way too far?

#2 A recent story which can be found at cnn.com, tells a case about a man named jose padilla. He is allegedly a terrorist who is commander of the charleston brig. He basically got in trouble for proposing a bomb idea to a top al queda coordinator. The bomb idea was a bomb that would distribute radioactive debris. Well this case has to do with weather the Padilla should be tried in the united states because he is a U.S. citizen. Well his charge is obviously one of the highest magnitude. this would maybe called a felony, but probably something beyond that. his case has already be reviewed by the supreme court and they claimed his case should not have been filled in New York. As far as his case goes I cant see him defending himself on intoxication or insanity. He
has basically been found red handed for his crimes. In his case it would probably be safe to say he will plead the 5th to avoid self incrimination. The odds seem to be against him and people are trying to pin anybody who shows any evidence towards terrorism. This man basically has a lot ahead of him and president bush has already labeled him an enemy combatant. This man if convicted faces a strong sentence, possible a life sentence.

#3. Give a current event of criminal law similar to case #2, could be anything news that apply some concepts of criminal laws in it.

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The question has given you three cases of criminal law and asked your opinion on these. You are not only required to mention the relevant law but also to provide the technical reasons why the decisions may go in a particular direction.

There are some assumptions which the question makes, first the question mentions in #1 that there is a similarity in spanking and the injury which send the man to jail for seven years, the question does not provide evidence to support this in fact the question does not state the nature of the injury he has committed. Second, in case of #2 the question mentions that he gave a bomb idea to a terrorist coordinator. However the question omits mentioning if the bomb could really be made by using the idea or he was paid for the idea. It would also have been necessary for him to find out his ideology or any other ...

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