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#1. Four sentences, do you agree? There are many advantages and disadvantages on having your own business or family business even worst. Like for example most of family businesses are in Mexico and there have been always problems (having a big family) of who gets what, who runs this and that so is always better to have everything written down in paper since the beginning because if everything is not well organized it could cause big fights between the family
and even end up with pretty bad conscequences to the business as well. If everything is well organized it could lead to very profitable businesses and partnerships within the same "family" and keep growing as a business corporation.

#2. Four sentences, your opinion, what do you think...A franchise is defined as "any arrangement in which the owner of a trademark, a trade name, or a copyright licenses others to use the trademark, trade name, or copyright in the selling of goods or services."(490)
Franchises are all around us. They are appealing in that there is already a business plan set out for you. Fronting the fees may be costly in some instances, but you take their plan and implement it in an apporved area. This is beneficial for those who want to own
their own business but do not have as much experience to start from scratch. The franchiseor provides the basic guidelines, and instruction on running the business. They benefit in that they receive a percentage of the annual sales or income and the
franchisee benefits in the use of their name and guidance. This also relates to the trust that general consumers have with the brand names: Subway, McDonalds, ColdStone.. just to name a few are all dominant fast food franchises we see in San Diego.

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#1. Absolutely, I agree. If everything is written down, then it would help to keep the business organized. However, just because the rules of the business are written down, doesn't mean that ...

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