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    Business Culture in China

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    Wal-Mart Stores: Everyday Low Prices in China

    Wal-Mart Stores: Everyday Low Prices in China Wal-Mart Stores: Every Day Low Prices in China Key Issues Wal-Mart is currently facing a change to their business in China. Over the past few years China's retail industry and its distribution and logistical infrastructure have opened up significantly with decreased government

    Dave and Buster's Potential Success of New Business

    How can we evaluate the potential success of a new business? If Dave and Buster's is not as desired as we expect what could be another business possibility? If Dave and Buster's does not fit the IUP community, what company would not have the same problems?"

    Uniform and Linen Leasing Company (U&L); new facility in China

    After conducting a SWOT analysis on competitors operations, the Uniform and Linen Leasing Company (U&L) discovered one of their largest and looming threats is in the area of increased operational costs. Some of these expenses are: rising labor wages, worker's compensation, an increased and aging retirement population with pensio

    Chinese Auto Industry

    Can you analyze the Chinese Auto Industry's external environment (both that of the industry and the broader, general environment), focusing especially on external threats and opportunities and include an examination of the Key Success Factors (KSF's) that are necessary for operating successfully within this industry. (These are

    Lessons Apple could learn from Google's experience in China

    Two of the most successful American companies, Apple and Google, attempted to expand their global reach by entering into the Chinese market. Each attained different level of success, for various reasons. You are tasked with advising the VP of Global Marketing of Apple Inc. on the question of what is the best way to enter the Chi

    Sales, Counterfeit Products, Exporting and Trafficking

    Discuss how a company can experience a drop in sales, how counterfeit products affect the real product, how a company can get rid of counterfeiters, why China is the main exporter of counterfeit goods (Laws, Force, Violence), and explain the process of trafficking.

    Bargaining Behaviors

    Your abilities in international management have been recognized, and your consulting assistance has been requested. The company Quasimoto Enterprises has been approached by a reputed Chinese firm that wants exclusive production and selling rights for one of its new high-tech products. The company has been looking for a strategic

    Avon Calls on Foreign Markets

    Read the closing case Avon Calls on Foreign Markets below (see attachment). Incorporate into your analysis responses to the following questions. You should make sure to incorporate core concepts from your reading assignment. 1. Your reading assignment for this unit describes different marketing orientations. Discuss the app

    Import and Export Countertrade

    Please see attached document for full details and requirements. Import and Export / Countertrade. Read Closing Case: Exporting and Growth for Small Business at the end of chapter 15 and write a 3-4 page paper in APA format with a detailed analysis that answers the following questions: â?¢ What are the main benefits of exp

    BRIC Country Healthcare analysis

    BRIC Countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China Healthcare Industry Note: When you click on the link below, you may get a message requesting a special ID and password. Ignore this request and just click on the industry (healthcare) in the left hand column. http://viewswire.eiu.com.ezproxy.umuc.edu/index.asp?layout=IB3H

    China Mobile: Mobile phone industry in China compared to the US

    Please see the discussion questions at the end. Dagoucun feels like the kind of place that progress missed entirely in its sweep through China. Nestled at 10,000 feet in the pine-studded foothills of the Tibetan plateau, the village is little more than a few dozen stone houses and a Buddhist shrine. Getting there from the nea

    KFC in China for Global Business Opportunities

    For KFC to effectively launch their restaurant in China provide details for the areas listed below: Identifying Global Business Opportunities Analyzing International Competitors Assessing the Economic-Geographic Environment Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment Assessing the Political-Legal Environment

    Comparative Growth in each of the BRIC countries

    What is the comparative growth, both in absolute terms and in percentage terms from 2010 to 2015 for the automobile industry in each of the BRIC countries and how might that impact your decision on prioritizing the countries in your global business strategy?

    Google in China

    From an ethical perspective, what are the arguments for and against Google entering the China market in 2005?

    A Day in the Life of a Chinese Farmer in 2006

    Imagine you are a Chinese farmer living in 2006. Start off by describing yourself and the state of your family. Explain in which region of China you reside and how far it is from the nearest major city. Describe a typical day in your life. Include the following in your answer: What do you eat every day? What and where do y

    Avon's Local and Foreign Markets

    Avon Calls on Foreign Markets Discuss the applicability of each to Avon's global operations. Why is Avon so much more dependent on its foreign operations than on its home (U.S.) operations? Discuss socioeconomic and demographic changes that could affect Avon. How might a global recession, such as the one that began i

    Issues for global companies wishing to enter the market in China. Technology risk.

    For many global companies, China represents a very attractive market in terms of size and growth rate. Yet, it ranks lower in terms of economic freedom and higher in political risk than other countries' markets because it has a communist government. Despite these risks, many popular and reputable companies have established manuf

    Price as the Crucial Factor in Negotiation with China

    Please help answer the following questions. Price is the crucial factor in negotiation with China. Do you think this is mainly due to the level of economic development in the country? Would the same be true in other countries with similar levels of economic development?