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Business Culture in China

Starbucks global expansion strategy with a focus on China

Need a paper answering the following questions about Starbucks global expansion strategy with a focus on China and how Starbuck's downsizing in the USA impacts thier global growth strategy: 1. What are some of the decision factors that Starbucks assesses? 2. What role does the Chinese government play in Starbuck's operati

Market & Mixed Economies

I'm a high school student from Canada and I'm doing a debate on which kind of econmoy is better, but it is hard to find any information on this subject. 1. Debate the benefits and drawbacks of both market and mixed economies . 2. Using specific countries and data, I don't want to use Canada, India, United States.

China S Construction PV of dividend and yield

Please see the attached file for details. Problem 12-11 --> Common Stock, Valuation Per Share China S. Construction, Inc. is in the business of building electrical power plants in the eastern United States. Jack Godell and the rest of the board members of the firm have just announced a $4 per share dividend on the corpora

Asia - External environment

Looking at the external environment in Asia, identify the critical strategic factors in each of the following areas: The General Environment The Industry Environment The Competitor Environment Looking at this analysis what advice would you give a company's management to improve the company's successful expansion into C


What we have to understand is that China is a communist country and has certain laws in place that are specific to media and internet activity. As Americans we might not agree with them but I think that we have to respect that other countries are different and follow different standards and laws. From a financial perspective, Ch

China's Rising Wages: A Case Analysis

Http:// Assignment Details: Write a short (2-3 single-spaced pages) paper analyzing the case. Do not simply provide your answers to the discussion questions listed at the end of the case. Instead, write a paper with your full analysis of the case and make sure you h

Negotiators in the Far-East - the personal style?

After carefully reading through the articles, please answer the following questions: 1. How would you describe the personal style of the negotiators in the Far-East? Or is it a mix of styles? 2. How would you weigh the proportion of their: Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Listening attributes? Please explain your reasoning.

Issues in developing and implementing a performance management system US-China

Imagine that you have been hired by the HR Director of a U.S.-China joint venture to help develop, implement, and evaluate the ROI (return on investment) for a performance management system. Please read the required background readings and any relevant resources that you locate on the Internet, and then: Prepare an executive

If China revalued the Yuan, consider the impact on Yum!Brands and Wal-Mart

Suppose China suddenly decided to give into the US demands and, overnight, revalued upwards the Yuan by 20%. Consider the impact of this increase in value of the Yuan on two large US companies: (1) Yum!Brands whose 2007 second quarter profits were $214 million roughly half of which resulted from sales made by KFC and Pizza Hu

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Explain why the effect of international mergers on the market value of the acquiring firm is often more positive returns than for domestic mergers.


I need help with an introduction on infrastructures then: Evaluating various infrastructures and natural resources present within the India and China (e.g., port facilities, airports, roads, raw materials, telecommunications, industrial zones).

Google in China

I am doing a case study on "Google in China". I would like to get some answers to the following questions: 1. What principles are relevant for Google's decision to enter China? Is censorship consistent with Google's core values? Should compromises be made? 2. Why does the Chinese government censor information so aggress

Article Evaluation and Presentation

Article Evaluation and Presentation Locate a current article about some international business related issue for the class presentation and discussion. Your presentation should include article sources, parties involved, benefits and disadvantages, and your viewpoint.

Real Estate

1. Compare and contrast an "international division" structure with a "global" structure. Which would best describes a real estate company? Explain, giving specific examples. 2. How have information technologies and networks influence the organizational structure in a real estate company/industry? Explain, with examples. 3. How

Business Environment

I am wishing to gather information on factors of production for specific products and economic markets of the areas in which they were manufactured but am having difficulty locating information on the following: Is China a planned/market/mixed market economy? Is Brazil a planned/market or mixed market economy? Locate wh

Unfair Labour Practices

You are a member of an independent monitoring group assigned to investigate labour practices of one of the following companies: GAP, Wal-Mart, K-mart, J.C. Penney, Target, and Eddie Bauer. Take a look at one of their official web site of the company you choose, as well as web sites containing information about unfair labour prac


I am playing the hypothetical role of a CEO and have to make a decision whether to invest in the Chinese market or hold a human rights standpoint and not invest in this market. What things should I consider?

Kia-Hyundai and the Effect of Overseas Expansion

The organization you work for is interested in expanding their business overseas. You have been asked to gather some preliminary information to help management decide on whether to pursue this idea further. Use online resources to find an article describing an experience of either: (1) a US company or division that conducts

I need your help answering some questions on a Case Study

I need your HELP answering some questions for this case study "Microsoft's Troubles in China" for each question I need to summarize the strategic and operational challenges facing global managers. And I need to comment on recent global developments affecting the company in this case study This are the questions: 1. How imp

Examples of negotiations taking place amongst US businesses

Require a 6 sentence paragraph showing some negotiations taking place. It should be 3 events taking place in the U.S and one globally, concentrating on business and an issue of importance. For example. 1. US biz - microsoft negotiated on xyz with cisco, ford negotiated with its workers on salaries etc, MTA transit strike in N