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    economic system for China

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    Please do only part one for this post after the approval of the instructor you will do the part two.

    (Part one)
    In one (1) page paper, develop a project proposal identifying the economic system and country you have selected for research and analysis and your reasons for the selection. (Choose only one economic system and any country you will feel comfortable to write about; example chooses between China, Japan, France, Canada, Germany, Russia and others you like). Write your preliminary thoughts on the topic and a brief description of what you expect to learn. You may also indicate important sources of information you expect to use.

    Here is the descriptions of the project, but for now respond for the part one (1) project proposal:

    (Part two)
    In eight (8) pages write for the project you just propose.
    Descriptions of the project:

    You will continue with part one (1) your proposal - use that country and its economic system for analysis. You will study the impact of that country's economic system on international business, both in that country and in the region and world. You will also compare that country's economic system and its impact on international business with the U.S. economic system and its impact on international business.

    P.S: please follow the APA style; this includes the proper and appropriate referencing of all sources.

    Don't forget the references pages.

    Utilize all the resources you have available including a textbook, the online library resources, and the Internet. Be sure to cite all sources. You might find it useful to develop a matrix to organize and structure the information you collect.
    Please do it in your own writing (word) no plagiarism paper, because it will be check through 'Turnitin' (www.turnitin.com), before grading. This includes the proper and appropriate referencing of all sources.

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    The system that I have selected for "proposal identifying the economic system and country" is China. The system of China is essentially a socialist economy. It is an economy that promised its population employment for all and job-security with lifetime employment. However, now private property is allowed in China. Its trade and commerce is growing. One of the fastest growing industries is the tourism industry. China is moving from a planned economy to an economy that allows private enterprise, and private ...

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