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    Global Environment

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    Details: As an employee of the World Bank you have been asked to research the needs of a country with a particular economic concern.

    select a country and an economic concern, such as population, unemployment, etc. Search the Library and Internet for data sets for the concern that you have chosen.

    In a 3-4 page report, answer the following questions:

    Where were you able to find data sets?
    What is the relationship between the variable that you selected and the economy?
    What trends do you see in the data sets? Support your assertions of trends with statistical evidence.

    (1) Select one nation and select one economic concern. (The research topic should be selected first). (2) Second, the topic should be discussed -- how it relates to economic theory and to the economy. (3) Third, state and describe where you found the datasets. The sources should be listed in the reference list in APA format . (4) discuss the information collected and what is could mean or how it can be interpreted. Describe the trends in the dataset.

    Select a topic that is narrow is scope; poverty, war, crime, national disasters, HIV ....... are too broad and should be avoided.

    The topic should be narrow in focus. The paper should NOT be a general discussion of the economic health of the nation. You are not expected to provide solutions to an economic problem. Data is a collection of information, as a facts, statistics, or codes, for example. A data set or dataset is a collection of related data records on a computer-readable medium, such as a disk.

    Present the information in the last part of the paper. Before you discuss the numbers you collected, the reader should already know the concepts and terms that will be used to discuss the numbers collected by you. Cite your sources: each number each fact used in your paper should have a source; If you make any calculations, you must show how you arrived at your numbers. If you make any claim, you must justify or support your claim with your data. I suggest that numbers used in your paper should be placed in a table, and then you can cite the source for each number.

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    (1) Select one nation and select one economic concern. (The research topic should be selected first).
    The country selected is China. The economic concern that has been selected is the increasing bad-debts of banks in China. This is of serious concern to the economy of the country. The stability of the banking system has been undermined by the increasing bad debt. Even though the government assures that this concern will be addressed there is not much progress on this front.
    (2) Second, the topic should be discussed -- how it relates to economic theory and to the economy.
    The fundamental function of the banking system is to collect and distribute savings or temporary free funds and make sure of the payments and settlement system. The quality and dependability of the banking system have a great influence on the country's financial and economic stability. The stability of the banking system is important to attract international investors and institutions.
    Specifically in China the development of the financial industry had led to several risks, moreover, in the context of China, the supervision of the banking system depended to an extent on the political circumstances of the country, and a healthy banking system was indispensable to have a healthy macroeconomic environment.
    (3) Third, ...

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