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    Berkshire Hathaway and China PetroChemical Ratio Analysis

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    Attached are the balance sheet and income statement for two companies - Berkshire Hathaway and China PetroChemical. It need a table for each company showing the ratios (if applicable) for 2006, 2007, and 2008. The Excel sheets are set up so that once you calculate one year, you can just copy the formula over to get the rest.

    Profit margin
    Return on assets
    Return on equity
    Account receivable turnover
    Inventory turnover
    Fixed asset turnover
    Total asset turnover
    Current ratio
    Quick ratio
    Debt to total assets
    Times interest earned
    Fixed charge coverage
    Price-to-earnings ratio
    Earnings yield
    Dividend yield
    Dividend payout ratio
    Price-to-book ratio

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