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    What we have to understand is that China is a communist country and has certain laws in place that are specific to media and internet activity. As Americans we might not agree with them but I think that we have to respect that other countries are different and follow different standards and laws. From a financial perspective, China is running their economy better than everyone else in the world. They have what I call restrictive capitalism. China has adopted some capitalistic traits however they are not a full blown free-market capitalistic society. Maybe countries are better off that way. Perhaps further governmental regulation is what is needed to enhance true economies. That obviously is an issue that is debatable. What we have to do as Americans is take a good look at our economy and system of capitalism involving free markets. We also have to look at how we govern. Is it truly applicable to the ever changing world where globalization is so prevalent? Another issue open to debate.explain

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    When it comes to China, we do have to respect that they chose a communist system of government and it's working out fairly well ...

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