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Business Strategy for Bank of China

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I am working on a project where I would propose a business strategy for Bank of China, in order to attract more investors from UK.
My focus investor is from UK, so please be aware of the currency to be British Pound.
Please give me assistant on below areas, please provide your information as detail as possible and with references:

1) Provide a detail backgrounds of Bank of China.

2) Why Bank of China is better than other Banks in China, what makes Bank of China standout from others?

3) What type of financial/investment services are most common from Bank of China? Any financial/investment services are most attractive to investors?

4) What business strategies should Bank of China use to attract more investors?
Please consider International Strategy.
Please provide Strategy Methods and Evaluation.

5) What are the advantages and disadvantages if investors decide invest into Banks within China instead of investing in UK?

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Business strategy refers to a long term plan, which is established by businesses to achieve their specified goals and objectives (Smit 2000). It is an important management function that ensures success of business organizations. This paper discusses about business strategy of Bank of China in respect of its background information. Information that is related with the questions, why it is better than other Chinese banks, most common financial service of Bank of China, business strategy for it to attract more investors and about advantage and disadvantage of investors, if they invest in China rather than UK.


Bank of China was established in 1912 following the ...

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