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    Concerns about China's Control of Internet Content

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    I was asked to read the attached case study and to answer this question: Why should anyone outside of China be concerned about that government's attempts to control internet content?

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    The free public information from the Internet can help manage access to various topics on health, politics, economy, and many more. However, the government in China has shuttered access of information for its people. Critics has referred to this sophisticated censorship system as the Great Firewall of China (GFC). The GFC is flexible, decentralized and focuses first on key words. Instead of censoring domains, it censors pages with pre-defined words and blocks them. Terms that the Chinese government considers as sensitive are blocked, e.g., "Tibet", "Falun Gong," "democracy," "Taiwan", and more. Chinese government has also delegated censorships to the Internet service providers, Internet café, content providers and government monitors on them as they follow the updates mandated on them.
    China protects its own boundaries from the flows of data coming from the foreign world as it may ...

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