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    Internet Trends

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    Can you also offer your opinion, no citations, from two different perspectives on the internet trends. It would be neat if you commented on the new internet tax laws coming out.

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    First of all, the entire question of "personalizing" one's shopping experience online seems pleasant enough, but of course, it depends on the collection of lots of personal data in order to customize the shopper's online buying.

    There is also the question of security. Most of the major market research firms speak of the continuing increase in comfort in buying online. Yet, news reports or hacks, leaks and identity theft remain on the front pages. These reports might be too optimistic about a) the public's lack of awareness, b) ecommerce's security commitments, and c) the level of hacker sophistication. It may be the case that security becomes the Achilles heel of the ecommerce world in general.

    Second of all, the reports may be too optimistic about Chinese internet usage. Chinese spending on retail is very low, and it seems a great leap to assume that they will begin using the web to buy things, especially if these things are from abroad. China maintains a fairly strict trade regime, as well as a certain control over the web. China's ecommerce experience, at least with current policies in place, is a bit circumscribed.

    India was considered the next Asian "tiger" to begin rapid ...

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    The two different perspectives on the internet trends are determined. New internet tax laws coming out are analyzed.