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Barriers to Growth

Barriers to growth are factors, situations, systems, or cycles that create difficulties for an economy to grow. These obstacles can stop a developing country from improving their economic situation. These barriers can be separated into categories, yet it is important to keep in mind that these barriers are interrelated. Barriers can slow down or restrict economic growth, economic development, or both. Institutional and political barriers play an enormous role in the development of a country’s economic situation.

Within this broad category, the insufficient provision of education in developing countries can act as an obstacle for economic growth. Developing countries may not have to means to fund education, and generally urban areas will be funded more than rural areas. The lack of education means that children will grow up without the learned skills that are required for basic entry-level jobs. Without the skills that are acquired through education, it is difficult to earn a sufficient income. Lack of infrastructure is another issue that falls under institutional and political barriers. Infrastructure includes vital services and facilities such as sewage treatment, water systems, roads, telecommunications and other such utilities that are crucial for economic activity. The lack of basic needs, such as education and water systems, act as barriers to growth.

Poverty cycles play a significant role in the growth, or lack of, within an economy. The poverty cycle is when individuals or community members are trapped in a state of low education levels and low employment opportunities, unless external sources intervene. Poverty is usually measured by relative poverty, which is comparative, and absolute poverty, which is when the basic needs for survival are measured. The poverty cycle remains a prominent obstacle for developing countries, and unless poverty is improved for a country, their economy will not grow.

Barriers to economic growth are demonstrated by an individual’s inability to claim property rights. This makes it more difficult for business to start up and for individuals to gain financial stability. There are many economic issues that exist in developing countries that act as barriers to the country’s growth, but there are also many solutions to these problems. Over the years there has been some improvement, but until these barriers have been properly addressed, they will continue to obstruct a country’s economic growth.

Protecting The Domestic Market

How can a domestic market be protected? If a country had protected domestic market, what would be the likely effect on its balance of trade? Do you think that domestic market protection is to the disadvantage of most people in the country?

Internet Trends

Can you also offer your opinion, no citations, from two different perspectives on the internet trends. It would be neat if you commented on the new internet tax laws coming out.

Understanding Economic Principles

Hi, I am trying to get a full understanding of the economic principles below. 1. Problem-solving question: Use the following data for a pure monopoly to calculate the firm's: (a) total revenue, marginal revenue, marginal costs, and average total cost; (b) its profit-maximizing output level and produce price; (c) its profit

Porter's Five Force Analysis: The Auto Industry

Identify each auto industry structure correctly. provide an analysis of market structure requirements including number of firms, uniformity of products, ease of entry and exit and include sources as well please. Porter's Five Forces Strategy Analysis as it applies to the Auto Industry: - Bargaining Power of Buye

"Vertical Restraints" Franchises

Study two franchisees in two different industries (or sectors). Then, evaluate and compare the "vertical restraints" of the two industries / sectors for the purposes of assessing the consequences of these provisions for strategic decision making. In this age of globalization, boundaries between firms and boundaries between m

Mexico Products Reports

Need to find two products in or for Mexico and Report the marketplace, current business and political trends, barriers to trade and best prospects in 500-1000 words.

Microsoft lawsuit

In 1998, the U.S. Justice Department and 20 state attorney generals filed lawsuits against Microsoft. In your discussion, include the reason for the lawsuit, the outcome of the trial, and how this lawsuit affected Microsoft and consumers.

The impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Canada

The purpose of this discussion is to examine the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Canada. The key underlying question is, does free trade offer a route to increased prosperity for Canada, or does it threaten environmental and labor standards? This discussion will focus on the negative impacts of NAFT

Using artificial trade barriers like tariffs and import quotas

Please explain in detail to help me understand the subject being covered #14 You have just been elected president of the united states, and the present chairperson of the federal reserve board has resigned. You need to appoint a new Counncil of Economic Advisers. Using Table 36.1 and your knowledge of macroeconomics, identify

Role and Future of the US Dollar

Discuss the role and future of the US dollar in the world economy in 2010 and How might the international monetary system be reorganised to rely less on the US dollar? explain by 2000 words and attach references. no copy and past from web sites. i would like to get a some ideas. this is a essay but i would like to get idea and

Financial Management

Multiple Choice Questions in relation to Cash Flow Estimation, Real options, Corporate Valuation and Bankrupcy. Question 1 When evaluating a new project, the firm should consider all of the following factors except: a. Changes in working capital attributable to the project. b. Previous expenditures associated with


Technological changes in telecommunications have: a.reduced the importance of services in the world economy. b. allowed increased foreign trade in many services. c. reduced the need for foreign trade in many services. d. profoundly affected trade in manufactured goods with little effect on trade in services. Q

Calculating mean, standard deviation & CV of sales

The demand for MICHTEC's products is related to the state of the economy. If the economy is expanding next year (an above-normal growth in GDP), the company expects sales to be $90 million. If a recession occurs next year (a decline in GDP), sales are expected to be $75 million. If next year is normal (a moderate growth in GD

Economics Case Study Regress

Can you see if you can do these? Case Study: Questions: Regress:

Critically evaluate the following statement:

Critically evaluate the following statement: Both economic theory and history suggest that less developed countries that open their economies to international trade and capital flows will grow faster and reduce poverty more quickly than those opting for an import-substitution industrialization development strategy.

Concepts in Microeconomics

Choose the correct one 1.Each of the following is an example of an economic resource except A)land. B)money. C)capital. D)labor. 2.Human wants are A)relatively limited. B)relatively unlimited. C)easily satisfied. D)about equal to our productive capacity. 3.Which one of these people is not under

Market Structure

Select an organization (DRY CLEANERS-as perfect competition)with which you are familiar and identify the market structure of that organization. Evaluate the effectiveness of this structure for the organization.

What is Obamanomics?

Introduction of paper and how Obamanomics affects the world What is Obamanomics? It is President Obama's vision of economic prosperity focusing on "bottom-up" economic policies versus the "trickle-down" policies of Presidents prior to his present administration. What economic school of thought does Obama base his economic

Economic Integration

Outline the extent to which you expect regional economic integration to occur in Europe, Asia (including Oceania), Africa, South America, and North America in 10 years and 25 years. Give appropriate references. Thank you.

A Discussion on Trade

Please address the following: 1. What do economists mean by "comparative advantage? 2. Explain the barriers to free trade and the economics impact of trade barriers. Which trade barrier do believe is more effective and why? 3. Make a case for a trade barrier and a case for free trade.


5. Perpetuities are often used to value merger and acquisition targets. a) What is the present value of a stable perpetuity of $100,000 per year that starts at the end of year one and continues to infinity? The appropriate discount rate is 10%. b) What is the present value of a stable perpetuity of $100,000 per ye

Future Market Condition Analysis

The market structure of Starbucks is a monopolistic competition. In the coffee industry, many producers and consumers exist, the goods and services are mixed, but firms are still able to differentiate their, products. Starbucks is a textbook example of a monopolistically competitive firm: many sellers, low barriers to entry, sli

Relating Macro- and Microeconomics Concepts to Global Organisation Management

On the night before the firm announces the expansion plan at a press conference, you are sitting in your home office reflecting on what you have learned about the process over the last several weeks. Articulate how macro- and microeconomics come into play in the context of firm decision-making in a global business. - Explain

Porter's "Five forces model"

Describe the factors in Michael Porter's "Five Forces Model" that affect the ability of any firm in an industry to earn a profit. Explain in detail