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    The impact of trade barriers on Belize and Japan

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    This solution examines potential trade barriers and how they affect market access to Belize and Japan.

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    One of the first things you may want to do when writing this paper is to make a note of what protectionism (since this is the first term that comes to mind when one speaks of barriers to trade) is and list some possible trade barriers. You may then briefly define each of these trade barriers. Finally, you need to state how these particular trade barriers that you will list can affect market access to Belize and Japan. Below, I will attempt to provide you with a guide as to how you may structure your paper and details that may be included in it (note most importantly that you will have to select what you wish to include in your paper):


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    Hufbauer (1997) asserts that, "in recent years there has been a clear and marked trend in all regions of the world favoring the adoption of outwardly oriented economic policies. These policies entail opening domestic markets to imports and foreign investment and encouraging exports and investments overseas." In spite of this however, the debate still remains as to whether or not it is beneficial for a country to have completely free trade or if it is best for them to restrict trade. Although some countries may contemplate having completely free trade, there are others that typically limit their trade. The essence of this paper is to highlight what are the potential trade barriers that exist in our world and how they can affect market access to countries such as Belize and Japan.

    Protectionism and Barriers to Trade
    Protectionism may be the defined as government actions and policies that restrict or restrain international trade (trade between nations). It exists in many different forms and some of the possible methods through which trade may be restricted include:
    a) Tariffs on Imported Goods
    b) Restrictive Quotas
    c) Export Subsidies
    d) Administrative Barriers to Trade
    e) Other restrictive government regulations designed to discourage ...

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    The impact of trade barriers on Belize and Japan is carefully examined in this tutorial.