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Barriers to Growth

What is Obamanomics?

Introduction of paper and how Obamanomics affects the world What is Obamanomics? It is President Obama's vision of economic prosperity focusing on "bottom-up" economic policies versus the "trickle-down" policies of Presidents prior to his present administration. What economic school of thought does Obama base his economic

Rate of Return/pe ratio

1. Determining required rate of return. A stock pays a dividend of $2.75. It's current price is $19.00. The expected growth rate is 5%. What is the required rate of return? 2. 2 Stage Growth Model Given the following data calculate the price of the stock: D0 = $1.75; n = 5 years; g1 =

Required rate on stock

Barramundi Inc. stock is currently selling at $40 per share (its equilibrium price) given that the risk free interest rate is 8% and the equilibrium risk premium on the market portfolio is 6%. The firm's long run growth is expected to remain 7% per year forever. Last year's EPS were $4, and the dividend payout ratio is 50%. If b

Calculating the current price of a stock

Laser Optics will pay a common stock dividend of $1.60 at the end of the year (D1). The required rate of return on common stock (Ke) is 13 percent. The firm has a constant growth rate (g) of 7 percent. Compute the current price of the stock (P0).

Economic Integration

Outline the extent to which you expect regional economic integration to occur in Europe, Asia (including Oceania), Africa, South America, and North America in 10 years and 25 years. Give appropriate references. Thank you.

Key drivers affecting the stock price

Calculate the expected stock price for each firm using the constant growth dividend discount model. Today's dividend is $10. The expected rate of return in the market is 15% and the firm's growth rate is 3%. The firm pays out half of its growth in dividends. Firm B: Today's dividend is $10. The expected rate of return

Calculating growth rates of real GDP and per-capita real GDP

If real GDP were $3 trillion in year 1 and $3.06 trillion in year 2, the growth rate of real GDP between the two years is? Year 1 the population was 300 million, and in year 2 the population was 306 million, what is the growth rate of the per-capita real GDP?

Market Structures and the Behavior of the Firm

Industry structure is often measured by computing the Four-Firm Concentration Ratio. Suppose you have an industry with 20 firms and the CR is 20%. How would you describe this industry? Suppose the demand for the product rises and pushes up the price for the good. What long-run adjustments would you expect following this change i

A Discussion on Trade

Please address the following: 1. What do economists mean by "comparative advantage? 2. Explain the barriers to free trade and the economics impact of trade barriers. Which trade barrier do believe is more effective and why? 3. Make a case for a trade barrier and a case for free trade.


Suppose an economy's real GDP is $30,000 in year 1 and $31,200 in year 2. What is the growth rate of its real GDP? Assume that population is 100 in year 1 and 102 in year 2. What is the growth rate of GDP per capita?


5. Perpetuities are often used to value merger and acquisition targets. a) What is the present value of a stable perpetuity of $100,000 per year that starts at the end of year one and continues to infinity? The appropriate discount rate is 10%. b) What is the present value of a stable perpetuity of $100,000 per ye

Stock Price

As an analyst at Churnem & Burnem Securities, you are responsible for making recommendations to your firm's clients regarding common stocks. After gathering data on Denver Semiconductors, you have found that its dividend has been growing at a rate of 8% per year to the current (Do) $1.25 per share. The stock is now selling for $

Future Market Condition Analysis

The market structure of Starbucks is a monopolistic competition. In the coffee industry, many producers and consumers exist, the goods and services are mixed, but firms are still able to differentiate their, products. Starbucks is a textbook example of a monopolistically competitive firm: many sellers, low barriers to entry, sli

Relating Macro- and Microeconomics Concepts to Global Organisation Management

On the night before the firm announces the expansion plan at a press conference, you are sitting in your home office reflecting on what you have learned about the process over the last several weeks. Articulate how macro- and microeconomics come into play in the context of firm decision-making in a global business. - Explain

Porter's "Five forces model"

Describe the factors in Michael Porter's "Five Forces Model" that affect the ability of any firm in an industry to earn a profit. Explain in detail

Growth of FDI

Study Question: Explain why FDI has grown so rapidly over the past 40 years. FDI has grown rapidly in the last few decades due to increasing globalization and reduction in investment barriers in many nations across the world. Encourage of free trade, establishment of trading blocs and trade treaties has encourage cross border

Budget for Adveristing and Promotion

Assume that you are the top marketing manager for the Pepsi-Cola Co. You are engaged in an intense battle for market share in domestic beverage market with Coca-Cola Co. You initially think that the one who captures most of the market share will be the one who spends the most on advertising and promotion. You have to decide how

CBC stock is expected to sell for $25 two years from now.

I'm having a hard time with this material. Can someone help me out with this? ________________________________________________________________ 1. CBC stock is expected to sell for $25 two years from now. Supernormal growth of 5% is expected for the next 2 years. The current dividend is $1.75 and the required return is 14%

Important information about Four Market Structures

Create a table that compares and contrasts the various elements of the four market structures. Format of the table should be Heading a) perfect competition b) monopoly c) monopolistic competition d) oligopoly and then use the following heading to help explain the basis for the market characterization a) example of a fi

Constant Growth Model - A stock sells for $40.

. Constant-Growth Model. A stock sells for $40. The next dividend will be $4 per share. If the rate of return earned on reinvested funds is 15 percent and the company reinvests 40 percent of earnings in the firm, what must be the discount rate?

Stock Values: Integrated Potato Chips

Question: Integrated Potato Chips paid a $1 per share dividend yesterday. You expect the dividend to grow steadily at a rate of 4 percent per year. a. What is the expected dividend in each of the next 3 years? b. If the discount rate for the stock is 12 percent, at what price will the stock sell? c. What is the expected sto

Which of the following is one of the Fed's policy instruments?

50 questions on basic macroeconomics. This study guide is focus on Monetary Policy, Trading with the world, and International Finance. Ref. Economics, Seventh Edition. by Michael Parkin. Please see the attached file. 1. Which of the following is one of the Fed's policy instruments? a. help the President win reelection b. d

Market Trends for McDonalds Corporation

Prepare a paper in which you describe market trends organization/industry will face. Explain your conclusions. In your paper address how each of the following will change or will not change, and why: a. Market structure b. Impact of new companies entering the market c. Prices d. Technology e. Productivity (consid

The Advantages and Limitations of International Trade

What are the advantages and limitations of International Trade identified in the simulation? List four key points from the reading assignments that were emphasized in this simulation. How can you apply what you learned from the simulation to your workplace? What were the Concept Summary results for the assessment?

Economic Review Questions

1. List and briefly define the three types of business firms. 2. Define the four types of investments. 3. Explain how statistics on unemployment are figured. 4. Define and explain the law of diminishing marginal utility. 5. Define consumer surplus. 6. Explain the one thing, regarding

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

The following tabulation gives earnings per share figures for the Foust Company during the preceding 10 years. The firms' common stock, 7.8 million shares outstanding, is now (1/1/03) selling for $65 per share, and the expected dividend at the end of the current year (2003) is 55 percent of the 2002 EPS. Because investors expect