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Barriers to Growth

Annual Unemployment Rate and Percent

Getting some information straight helps do a more thorough analysis of the issue. You need to back them up with some more specific hard facts and a couple of economic principles that apply to NAFTA. These facts and economic principles have the same implications for free trade in general. 1)What was the Unemployment Rate in 1

Challenge: New Markets

As the VP of International Sales, you are responsible not only for sales but also for sales strategy. Prepare a preliminary report to the CEO identifying which three countries you think would most likely be interested in Our Company's mobility product and state why you think these would be good target countries. Describe the opp

4 economics questions

1. Just answers the 4 questions below using some economic concepts. Choose an occupation that you are interested in and research what the average salary is for someone employed in that field. Using what you have learned in this chapter about the determination of wages, justify why someone in this position would be paid the wage

regional economic integration..

Discuss the distinguishing features of various forms of regional economic integration, including their benefits and costs. Give recent examples including both developing and more industrialized countires.

International trade barriers

As trade barriers have fallen in the EU, many experts expect to see more mergers between firms in Europe. What effect if any will this have on competition with Canadian and US firms? To what extent is your answer industry dependent?

Profit maximization

"And they also say that the growth of promising but costly technologies like supercomputers and aircraft have begun to test the classical view of competition among nations, because no more than a few nations might ever establish footholds in industries born of these technologies." How might we interpret this statement in term