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Market Structure

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Select an organization (DRY CLEANERS-as perfect competition)with which you are familiar and identify the market structure of that organization. Evaluate the effectiveness of this structure for the organization.

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//The paper deals with the market structure of the organization. In order to proceed with the paper like this, we will discuss the market structure associated with the chosen firm which in this case is a dry cleaning firm. Before discussing this, first, we will define the various types of market structure. //

The market structure of an organization revolves around the components such as market trend, opportunities, marketing strategy, market share, segmentation, size and growth in the domestic and global market. Market structure is termed as the market condition during the completion of competition. Market is grouped mainly in four structures that are monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic and perfect competition. The firm U.S Dry cleaning corporation is the first public consolidation in ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 495 words with references.

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