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    McDonalds's Oligopolistic Market Structure

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    Identify the market structure of McDonalds and evaluate the effectiveness of this structure for McDonalds.

    Please be sure to provide me the reference and/or article you use.

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    Market Structure

    Market Structures are one of the most usually used approaches i to study the behavior of the firms in an economic system. Market structure influences firms' pricing decisions, to a great deal. It is defined as the market feature, which influences the behavior of the firms, and potential of the firms to earn profit in the long run, that work within it. Depending on the market structure, degree of competition changes, and also determines the firm's degree of freedom in fixing the prices of its product. Perfect, Monopoly, Monopolist, and Oligopoly are the broadly classified market structure.

    · Perfect Market: In this market structure, there is perfect competition between buyers and seller. Homogenous product, free entry or exist, perfect mobility, less ...

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