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oligopolistic market

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Question 1:
analyze developments in demand and supply in the past few years in a market
known to you (e.g. where you worked or a housmg market known to you). Include
in your analysis an explanation of the determinants of demand and supply,
recent changes in demand and supply, elasticity of demand and supply,
and the impacts of government intervention, if any.

Question 2:
In an oligopolistic market known to you discuss / analyse the development
of the price level in the past few years. Have the prices been stable or instable?
Do the prices of the different companies move together in the same direction
and with the same magnitude, or have the prices diverged? Describe the factors
and company conduct which have had an impact on prices and pricing in the
market(e.g. possibly: structure and conduct, changes in demand or technology,
kinked demand curve, collusion, non-price competition, competitive behaviour,
game theory, price discrimination, etc.)

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An oligopolistic market is studied.

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