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    Simple Economic Questions

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    Provide enough help to create at least a 250 word document to define Oligopoly & Monopolistic Competition.

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    Please find tutorial and help with these short economics questions in attached file.

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    Economics: Market Structure

    Answer I
    The oligopoly market structure best describes these movie production companies. It is because; this industry includes less number of large production companies that make identical or different films. The entry is also difficult but not impossible due to large amount of investment. Decision of a firm also influences the decision of other firms (Boyes & Melvin, 2007).
    Each studio have sub studio to protect their image in the public. Disney is known for the movie production company that distributes movies for kids. It uses touchstone as the sub studio that has become its arm to produce adult movies. The first movie under the name of Touchstone was Splash that featured brief nudity (Kunz, 2007). The movies that are not rated G are produced under Touchstone than Disney.
    The movies under the name of Disney and Touchstone are different. ...

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