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market trends

I need approximately 400 words total to describe the market trends the LoJack company will face for the following areas:

a. market structure
b. Impact of new companies entering the market

This will build on the attachment which described the current market conditions of LoJack (oligopoly)for (a) market structure and (b) impact of new companies entering the market.


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market structure:

As discussed in the paper, the market structure is highly competitive with few firms fighting for market share with each other in a oligopolistic industry. The industry will remain oligopolistic only as it is difficult for many companies to enter this marketplace due to high entry barriers in terms of investment required to set up infrastructure, economies of scale, etc. At most, we can only think of 1-2 new players to create some impact in the marketplace, provided that they are subsidiaries of large corporations in related industries or large funded entitites backed by strong pool of investors and possessing a unique ...

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Lojack's positioning in the current market is difficult to challenge due to relationship with law agencies and economies of scale and vast presence enjoyed by the company.