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    Mexico Products Reports

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    Need to find two products in or for Mexico and Report the marketplace, current business and political trends, barriers to trade and best prospects in 500-1000 words.

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    Mexican economy, trade and political trends
    Two products (how they fare under this)

    Here are excellent sources from mainstream publications:
    http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/row/RL32934.pdf (this is the best souirce, since it is a trade summary for the two countries compiled by the FAS, or a division of the Congressional Research Service).

    Remember, I cannot do this paper for you (that is against policy), but I will make your life much easier. I think the Mexico case is fairly easy because of the generally totally free trade between the two countries. There are some problems.

    The two products I picked were the two biggest ones: auto parts to Mexico and oil from it. Of course, these are two huge areas economically and strategically.

    Here are the basic Mexican policy issues:

    Free trade with the US. Trucking was the real problem issue. The US claims that Mexican trucks and drivers are dangerous and have low safety standards. This is the #1 area of dispute between the two countries. Mexico has retaliated by increasing tariffs on different ...

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