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    Bargaining Behaviors

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    Your abilities in international management have been recognized, and your consulting assistance has been requested. The company Quasimoto Enterprises has been approached by a reputed Chinese firm that wants exclusive production and selling rights for one of its new high-tech products. The company has been looking for a strategic partner for the production of this product to reduce costs. Hence, Quasimoto Enterprises is very interested in exploring the possibility of developing relationships with this Chinese firm. This deal is very critical to growth of Quasimoto in the international market. Both parties are anxious and preparing for their first meeting in a monthâ??s time to move this deal forward. This is the first time Quasimoto is doing business with China, and this is also the case with the Chinese firm.

    1.What does Quasimoto Enterprises need to know about Chinese bargaining behaviors to strike the best possible deal with this company?
    2. What should the Chinese firm know about American bargaining behaviors to strike the best possible deal with your company?

    In your small group, develop a strategic plan for the negotiation and conflict resolution for Quasimoto's executive team for its first meeting with the Chinese. Also, develop a negotiation and conflict resolution plan for the Chinese firm for its first meeting with the Americans. Please note that because this is an important business deal for both companies, both of your plans should include the bargaining behaviors of both countries. Are there any similarities between their bargaining behaviors? Can they have a win-win deal?

    Need help answering question 1 & 2 only with full details (1 -2 pages), MUST BE ORIGINAL, APA format, in-text citations, and references.

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    For successful bargaining in the international business environment it is important that bargaining behaviors of the people with whom bargaining takes place be well understood. With Quasimodo Enterprises intending to conduct business with a Chinese firm in order to expand its international business operations, it is imperative that Quasimodo be able to understand the bargaining behaviors of the Chinese and it is also imperative for the Chinese firms to understand the American bargaining behaviors for the best deals to be effectively struck. This paper evaluates these bargaining behaviors that will strike the best possible deal with each company.

    What Quasimoto Enterprises needs to know about Chinese bargaining behaviors to strike the best possible deal with this company:

    When bargaining in business most likely senior people are the ones that usually speak since rank is very important. Bargaining takes quite sometime in order that the company may be able to know the person representing the other company. Quasimoto should therefore develop a reliable image to the Chinese in order to make them feel safe in doing business with the company. They ...

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