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Budget Director Decision

You are the Budget Director for the State of Maine. It's a high-profile department, so you have several assistant directors over different divisions. Over the course of several months, you begin to notice personnel problems (e.g. low employee morale, many customer service complaints, etc.) in your economic forecasting division.

Challenges for America: The Ever-Increasing Budget Deficit

Budget Deficit, National Debt, and Government Spending: Is Now the Right Time to Cut Deficit and Reduce National Debt? Abstract: The current economic downturn has raised the question of whether the national debt is too large to continue spending or whether it is impossible to stimulate the economy without increasing national

Flexible Budget for DirectTV for Three Levels of Activity

Requirement: DIRECTV COMPANY WILL BE USED. Budgeting is an important internal activity. Preparing budgets involve forecasting sales and estimating costs. For this SLP, you will prepare a flexible budget for next year for the company of your choice. The budget needs to be realistic and based on corporate and economic tr

Public Administration-Budget

Hello, I would greatly appreciate assistance with the following questions. Please respond with at least 100 words or more for all questions and provide any references used. Thank you. 1. Analyze and describe four (4) governmental expenditures each from the Federal, State, and Local budgets that will have a greater imp

Developing a Budget Request

Please provide in depth answers to these questions after following the instructions in the word doc and the corresponding excel spreadsheet. Please provide completed spread sheet and answers to questions once complete. Discussion questions 1. Did the department meet its goal of generating revenues sufficient to cover direct

Types of Budget

You are a manager in a fictitious company of your choice. Your director has asked you to explain to the department staff the different types of budgets and techniques in order to provide an overall understanding. It will be a talk that you will deliver to the department staff and director explaining the different kinds of bu

Operating Budget and Sales Forecast

The operating budget depends on key information developed in the a. cash forecasts b. sales forecast c. labor forecast d. operating forecasts

Explain a flexible budget. How is a flexible budget related to a static budget?

Explain a flexible budget. How is a flexible budget related to a static budget? What is responsibility accounting? Explain the purpose of responsibility accounting. What do you believe the future holds for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Explain What is the objective of internal auditing? Is the scope of internal auditing limit

Variance in budget

What is the purpose of identifying variances in budgets? Does having a favorable variance always mean a positive situation? How about negative? Can you share two examples where a favorable variance could have a negative underlying affect.

Budget Changes

Can you think of any other reasons why the baseline of the budget might need to be changed midstream on a project?

Manufacturing Budget Analysis: Ferguson & Son Manufacturing Company.

Manufacturing Budget Analysis Tom Emory and Jim Morris strolled back to their plant from the administrative offices of Ferguson & Son Manufacturing Company. Tom is manager of the machine shop in the company's factory; Jim is manager of the equipment maintenance department. The men had just attended the monthly performance

Budget Variances

In a store such as Walgreens Drug and Sundry, what experiences with budget variances and the outcome of the corrective actions are taken to stay within the budget? What type of corrective actions would have to be encountered?

Preparing a budget - Dollie Inc

The budget director of Dollie Inc., with the help of the finance department, has compiled the following information for use in creating the budgeted income statement for January 20xx: a. Estimated sales for January Luxury dollhouse: 2,000 units at $200 per unit Standard dollhouse: 3,500 units at $150 per unit b. Estimated

Braemar Saddlery: revised performance report- flexible budget basis

Braemar Saddlery uses department budgets and performance reports in planning and controlling its manufacturing operations. The following annual performance report for the custom saddle production department was presented to the president of the company:    Budgeted Costs Actual Over for 5,000 Units

Sales Budget for Service

Sales Budget for Service Company Oregon Adventures provides tours of scenic locations in Oregon. The company expects tours taken to increase dramatically compared with the prior year. For the past year, 2011, the number of tours given were as follows: First quarter 6,000 Second quarter 7,000 Third quarter 7,000 Fourth qu

Roehler Industrial Direct Materials Purchases Budget 2011

Direct Materials Purchases Budget Roehler Industrial has estimated that production for the next five quarters will be: Production Information 1st Quarter, 2011 51,000 units 2nd Quarter, 2011 46,000 units 3rd Quarter, 2011 55,000 units 4th Quarter, 2011 44,000 units 1st Quarter, 2012 53,000 units Finished units

Budget and Fiscal Plan

You have been hired as an executive director of a small nonprofit organization. Among your many duties are to determine an annual budget and develop a fiscal plan for the organization. For this assignment, you must develop a 2-page spreadsheet that you will deliver to the director and staff containing an annual generic annual

Budget discussion question

This first topic concerns the broad relationship between the federal government and the economy. It invites you to consider what we expect from the government, via the budget (on both the spending and revenue sides, of course) and the nature of individuals working and living in 21st century America. You have seen news stories r

Preparing Operating Budget Components

Black & Decker (B&D) manufactures a wide variety of tools and accessories. One of its more popular items is a cordless power handisaw. Use the following fictitious information about this product line to complete the problem requirements. Each handisaw sells for $50. B&D expects the following unit sales. January 2,100

Flexible Budget Performance Report

Flexible Budget Performance Report AirQual Test Corporation provides on-site air quality testing services. The company has provided the following data concerning its operations: Fixed component Variable component Actual

Preparation of master budget

FC manufactures two types of cardboard boxes used in shipping canned food, fruit and vegatables. The canned food box - type C and the perishable box - type P have the following material and labor requirements: Box C Box P Direct material req

Master Budget with Supporting Schedules 2 schedules incomplete

The cash budget is composed of four major sections: 1. The receipts section. 2. The disbursements section 3. The cash excess or deficiency section. 4. The financing section. The receipts section lists all of the cash inflows, except from financing, expected during the budget period. Generally, the major source of receipts i

Direct materials purchases budget by month for the first quarter.

See the attached file for proper format. E20-5 Moreno Industries has adopted the following production budget for the first 4 months of 2011. Month Units Month Units January 10,000 March 5,000 February 8,000 April 4,000 Each unit requires 3 pounds of raw materials costing $2 per pound. On Decembe

Zeller Electronics: Projected sales budget for two quarters

See attached file for proper format. Zeller Electronics Inc. produces and sells two models of pocket calculators, XQ-103 and XQ-104. The calculators sell for $12 and $25, respectively. Because of the intense competition Zeller faces, management budgets sales semiannually. Its projections for the first 2 quarters of 2010 are a

Budget terminology appropriate definitions

Need help matching the 20 Budget terms with definitions. 1. Match the following terms with the appropriate definition. Magna Carta Mercantilism Thomas Jefferson's famous phrase Public administration Budgeting and Accounting Act of 1921 Full Employment Act of 1946 Annual budget Comprehensive Budget De

Nascar Company: Prepare a production budget for transmissions

Nascar Company manufactures an innovative automobile transmission for electric cars. Management predicts that ending inventory for the first quarter will be 37,500 units. The following unit sales of the transmissions are expected during the rest of the year: second quarter, 225,000 units; third quarter, 262,500 units; and fourth

Prepare a merchandise purchases budget for the first quarter.

See attached file for proper format. 3. This window shows what is correct and incorrect for the work you have completed so far. Even if all of the work you have done so far is correct, you may not have completed everything. Westile Company buys plain ceramic tiles and prints different designs on them for souvenir and gift