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Create a Budget Template for an educational institution

Using the template provided, prepare a one year working budget for a educational department( health education for example). If you wish to add additional line items to the template, please feel free to do so. Outcome: Demonstrate knowledge of budget preparation and risk management in higher education. Learning Objective

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Many areas must be considered when developing a healthcare operations budget. To accurately assess revenue and cost considerations, strategic forecasting must be performed. Each type of healthcare business (i.e., hospital, health plan, facility other than a hospital) has its own issues to consider when forecasting. Discu

Global Cooling: Compute components of total flexible budget variances.

Global Cooling Company produces fruit-flavored frozen desserts. The company's most popular product is blackberry sherbet. Global Cooling uses a standard costing system to budget manufacturing costs and to evaluate the performance of manufacturing activities. Blackberries are measured in quarts and are the major category of

Earrings Unlimited: Master Budget with Supporting Schedules

See attached file. Chapter 9 - Case 9-30 Master Budget with Supporting Schedules Textbook info: Managerial Accounting, Thirteenth Edition Chapter 9 Authors: Ray H. Garrison, Eric W. Noreen, Peter C. Brewer McGraw-Hill Irwin Attached please find Case 9-30 Master Budget with Supporting Schedules - Filename: Case 9-30

Preparing a Production Budget Given Unit Sales Projections

Katherine Company's sales budget has the following unit sales projection for each quarter of the calendar year 2009. January -March 540,000 April-June 680,000 July-September 490,000 October-December 550,000 Total 2,260,000 Sales for the first quarter of 2010 a

Flexible Budget Performance Report.

Preparing a Flexible Budget Performance Report [LO2] Canyonland Boat Charter Service rents live-aboard houseboats for cruising on the lake that traverses most of the Glen Canyon National Recreation area in Southern Utah. The company bases its overhead cost budgets on the following data: Variable overhead costs

Prepare a Flexible Budget

Prepare a Flexible Budget [LO1] The cost formulas for Swan Company's manufacturing overhead costs are given below. The costs cover a range of 8,000 to 10,000 machine-hours. Overhead Costs Cost Formula Supplies $0.20 per machine-hour Indirect labor $10,000 plus $0.25 per machine-hour Utilities $0.15 per machine-hour Maint

DeAngelo Corp.

DeAngelo Corp.'s projected net income is $150.0 million, its target capital structure is 25% debt and 75% equity, and its target payout ratio is 65%. DeAngelo has more positive NPV projects than it can finance without issuing new stock, but its board of directors had decreed that it cannot issue any new shares in the foreseeabl

Production Budget

Exercise 9-2 Production Budget [LO3] Crystal Telecom has budgeted the sales of its innovative mobile phone over the next four months as follows: Sales in Units July 30,000 August 45,000 September 60,000 October 50,000 ________________________________________ The company is now in the process of prepar

Sales budget

The company has an agreement with a bank that allows the company to borrow in increments of $1,000 at the beginning of each month, up to a total loan balance of $400,000".....

The Necessity of a Master Budget

A master budget is a detailed and comprehensive analysis of an organizations long and short term goals. Identify the major inputs to the master budget and the usefulness of each. Additionally why would a company need to create a master budget? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Flexible budget/ Static budget

When using a flexible budget, a decrese in activity within the relevant range: 1-decreases variable cost per unit 2-decreases total costs 3-increases totoal fixed costs 4-increases variable cost per unit A major disavantage of static budge is: 1- the difficulty in developing such a budget due to high cost of gathering th

Personal Budget

Personal Budgeting George Marcus, a recent college graduate, has been hired by Taylor Corporation at a salary of $54,000 per year. In anticipation of his salary, George purchased a $20,000 new ski boat and will pay for it at a rate of $425 per month, including interest, for five years. He also rented a condominium for $600 a

Personal Budget

Personal Budgeting - Jennifer Swartz works as an interior decorator for Modern Fashion Corporation. Her annual salary is $36,500. Of that amount, 20% is withheld for federal income taxes, 7.15% for state taxes, 7.65% for FICA taxes, and 2% as a contribution to the United Way. Another 5% is deposited directly into a company credi

Flexible Budgets: Design and Budget Elements

1. Design and Budget Elements of Proposal Paper Choose a proposal type and prepare a 1050- to 1750-word paper selecting one of the following elements in budget proposals: a. Itemized budget b. Non-itemized budget c. Fixed budget d. Flexible budget Additionally, compare and contrast the four principles of design and d

Travel party details are mentioned.

Help with recommending a certain geographic area for a travel party. This may be a cruise, land tour or independent travel. The clients could be a couple, family or group. Could you bring geographical aspects into this sample report, and advise why you feel this area would be an ideal vacation destination for the clients? Try al

Flexible budget analysis (Variance Report)

You brought your work home one evening, and your nephew spilled his chocolate milk shake on the variance report you were preparing. Fortunately, you were able to reconstruct the obliterated information from the remaining data. Fill in the missing numbers below. (Hint: It is helpful to solve for the unknowns in the order indicate

Cash Budget

The Sharpe Corporation's projected sales for the first eight months of 2004 are as follows: January $ 90,000 May $300,000 February 120,000 June 270,000 March 135,000 July 225,000 April 240,000 August 150,000 Of Sharpe's sales, 10 percent is for cash, another 60 percent is collected in the month following sale, and 30

Objectives of budgeting; zero-based budget

True or False (if false, identify errors) a) The objectives of budgeting and the functions to which they relate are: 1) establish specific goals=>planning 2) executing plans to achieve goals => Directing 3) Periodically comparing actual results established goals => Controlling b) True or false: (If false, identify error

Linkages between flexible budget and variances

* Attached picture is a scan of the full problem. I am looking for direction as to how to complete this problem. I am not very good with managerial accounting. Valley View Hospital has an outpatient clinic. Jeffrey Harper, the hospital's chief administrator, is very concerned about cost control and has asked that performance

Applying the flexiable budget approach

UCFF Blood Bank, private charity that is supported by grants, is located on an island. It just finished its operation for September, which was a particularly busy month due to a powerful hurricane that hitting neighboring islands, causing injuries. The island donated their blood to the islands that were affected. AS a consequenc

Completing a master budget for Norway Company

Norway Company, a merchandising company, prepares its master budget on a quarterly basis. The following data have been assembled to assist in preparation of the master budget for the second quarter. a. As of March 31(the end of the prior quarter), the company's balance sheet showed the following account balances: Cash $

Preparing an operating budget

Terry's Equipment Center has been organized to sell a line of lawn and garden equipment. The company began operations on January 1 with the following assets: Cash $14,000 Inventory 29,000 Land 31,000 Buildings and equipment $250,000 (useful life 20 years, no residual value, of which $210,000 relate

Developing a Personal Budget

Assuming you would like to purchase a new car next year, develop a personal budget for yourself or a friend for this year. Make sure to include a savings plan to save enough for a down payment, taxes, license, and insurance. Discuss the situations that might derail the budget along with a plan for you to deal with these issu

How to Budget revenue: governmental, proprietary, and fiduciary

a. Determine which revenues are used in which funds: governmental, proprietary, and fiduciary. b. Describe any restrictions that are (or could be) placed on those revenues. c. How public policy decisions affect the receipt of revenues. d. How go the economic conditions that affect revenue projections. e. How to develop a

Cravat Sales Company - Master Budget

You have just been hired as a management trainee by Cravat Sales Company, a nationwide distributor of a designer's silk ties. The company has an exclusive franchise on the distributing of the ties, and sales have grown so rapidly over the last few years that it has become necessary to add new members to the management team. Yo