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West Division of Vader Corporation produces intricate components

The West Division of Vader Corporation produces an intricate component part used in Vader's major product line. The divisional manager has recently been concerned about a lack of coordination between purchasing and production personnel and believes that a monthly budgeting system would be better than the present system. The

Capital budget, and Costs Allocation/Anayzing Cost

Please I need help on these 3 questions, one on capital budgeting and two on costs - total product cost, variable, fixed, manufacturing, nonmanufacturing, etc. Please see the attachment Thank you very much! 1. A Company collected the following information to prepare its cash budget for the first quarter of 2005: Begin

P4-32 Funding Budget Shortfalls: PV calculation

P4-32 As part of your personal budgeting process, you have determined that in each of the next five years you will have budget shortfalls. In other words, you will need the amounts shown in the following table at the end of the given year to balance your budget-that is, inflows equal out-flows. You expect to be able to earn 8

Prepare a detailed IT(Information technology) budget.

Prepare a detailed IT(Information technology) budget. You have 10 million dollars to set up a IT department for a start up paper manufacturing company. Come up with a comprehensive IT budget ( for 10 million USD) for your department taking into consideration of all factors. Also, communication expenses like phone bills sho

Flexible Budget; Performance Report

I need help with this problem. Mark Fletcher, president of SoftGro, Inc., was looking forward to seeing the performance reports for Novemeber because he knew the company's sales for the month had exceeded budget by a considerable margin. SoftGro, a distributor of educational software packages, had been growing steadily for ap

Standard Hours, flexible budget

I need help with this problem. Thanks. Gibraler Insurance Company uses a flexible overhead budget for its application-processing department. The film offers five types of policies, with the following standard hours allowed for clerical processing. Automobile.........1hr Renter's...........1hr Homeowner's........2 hr Heal

Wikke State Univ: prepare tuition revenue budget and number of facility needed

Wikki State University (WSU) is preparing its maser budget for the upcoming academic year. Currently, 8,000 students are enrolled on campus however, the admissions ofice is forecasting a 5 percent growth in the student body despite a tuition hike to $75 per credit hour. The following additional information has been gathered fr

Budget for a medical clinic: matrix of line-item, functional, and program budgets

Creating a Budget Various budget approaches play an important role in resource allocation in human service organizations. You are the medical clinic administrator for three physician group clinics and you are preparing a budget matrix to be presented to the physicians. The matrix budget consists of line-item, functional, and

Budget questions

The type of budget that remains the same without respect to any operational or financial changes is called a. a balanced budget. b. a static budget. c. a flexible budget. d. a cost budget. During the month of July, McElroy Company's direct labor cost totaled $36,000, and direct labor cost was 60% of prime c


Barton Transportation Company's general manager reports quarterly to the company president on the firm's operating performance. The company uses a budget based on detailed expectations for the forthcoming quarter. The general manager has just received the condensed quarterly performance report shown in Exhibit 8-10. Please se

Is Granger Stokes using budgets as a planning and control tool?

Granger Stokes, managing partner of the venture capital firm of Halston and Stokes, was dissatisfied with the top management of PrimeDrive, a manufacturer of computer disk drives. Halston and Stokes had invested $20 million in PrimeDriver, and the return on their investment had been below expectations for several years. In a ten

Utease Corporation: Prepare a production budget and find variances

Please see attached file. Utease Corporation has many production plants across the midwestern United States. A newly opened plant, the Bellingham plant, produces and sells one product. The plant is treated, for responsibility accounting purposes, as a profit center. The unit standard costs for a production unit, with overh

Budget and Production

1. Budgeting supports the planning process by encouraging all of the following activities EXCEPT ________. requiring all organizational units to establish their goals for the upcoming period increasing the motivation of managers and employees by providing agreed-upon expectations directing and coordi

Master vs flexible budget amounts; Saldahna Sports Company variances

1. An organization plans to make a product in batches of 25,000 units. Planned production is 1,000,000 units, and actual production is 1,125,000 units. What are the planned (master budget) number of batches and the flexible budget number of batches? 2. The Sudbury, South Carolina plant of Saldahna Sports Company has the fo

Flexible budgeting, activity-based costing, variance analysis for Toymaster.

Toymaster, Inc. produces a toy car TGC, in batches. After each batch of TGC is run, the molds are cleaned. The labor costs of cleaning the mold can be traced to TGC because TGC can only be produced from a specific mold. The following information pertains to June 2004: 1)Calculate the flexibility-budget variance for total c

Budget report

Prepare merchandise purchase in columnar form: The budget committee of Deaeon company collects the following data for its San Miguel Store in preparing budgeted income statements for May and June 2009. 1) sales for May are expected to be $800,000. Sales in June and July are expected to be 10% higher than the proceeding m

E11.1 and E11.2: fee setting issues for conferences; budget planning

Exercise 11.1 The child and family government benefits seminar was such a success that Advocates for Children will conduct a second seminar in an adjoining community. The executive director decides that this second seminar will attempt to maximize revenues. Consequently, no reduced fee schedule will be offered. All trainees wil

Flexible Budget - Pappadeaux Restaurants

Please see the attached file. Pappadeaux Restaurants: The Pappadeaux chain of restaurants is a well-known and popular series of various restaurants located primarily in the Southwest ( Task: Now assume the following hypothetical facts. Last year Pappadeaux opened a new seafood restaurant in S

Budget Planning help for Hirsch Industries

Hirsch Industries has sales in 2005 of $5,250,000(750,000 units)and gross profit of 1,587,500. Management is considering two alternative budget plans to increase its gross profit in 2006. Plan A would increase the selling price per unit from 7.00 to 7.60. Sales volume would decrease by 10% from its 2005 level. Plan B would decr

How to construct a performance report using a flexible budget approach.

The Antigua Blood Bank, a private charity partly supported by government grants, is located on the caribbean island of antigua. The blood bank has just finished its operations for september, which was a particularly busy month due to a powerful hurricane that hit neighboring islands causing many injuries. The hurricane largely b

Chambers Company

I need to verify what format do I use and the layout. Please advice. Chambers Company uses budgets in controlling costs. The May 2005 budget report for the company's Packaging Department is as follows. CHAMBERS COMPANY Budget Report Packaging Department For the Month Ended May 31, 2005 Difference Favorable F Manufact

Maple Leaf Electronics Corporation manufactures electric fans

Preparation of Static and Flexible Budgets- Computation of Static Budget Variance- Flexible Budget Variance and sales Volume Variance.Comments and analysis of Budget variances. Maple Leaf Electronics Corporation manufactures electric fans. For July 2008 it budgeted to manufacture and sell 2500 electric fans at a variable co

Manufacutring Cost and Flexible Budget Performance Reports

Using the following manufacturing cost per unit, prepare a flexible budget for the company at levels of production of 550, 600, and 650 units. Direct Materials $6.80 Direct Labor $8.90 Manufacturing Overhead $5.20 Using that data, use the flexible budget that was created and the following actual data, prepare