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graphic representation Carrie walking & Ichiro college spending

Assignment 3c

Part 1). Suggest the best graphic to use for presenting the situations below.

Part 2). Choose A or B and construct the graphic you think best represents the situation.

A. Carrie wanted to know how many miles she walked as she went about her everyday activities during a regular five-day school week opposed to how many miles she walked during the first five days of summer vacation. She used a pedometer and estimated her ileage each day on a chart. Her are her figures:
School in session: May 25, 1.3; May 26, 1.9; May 27,2.7; May 28, 1.6; May 29, 2.5.
Vacation: June 1, .6; June 2, 1.2; June 3, .9; June 4, 1.4; June 5, 2.0.

B. Ichiro wanted to show his parents that he had wisely spent the money they gave him for the first month of college. They gave him $800.00 to buy books and set up his dorm room. In his letter, he rounds his figures to the nearest dollar and uses a graphic with the following information:
Books and educational supplies $562.00
Eating out $36.00
Dorm Accessories $115.00
Entertainment $25.00
Parking fine $40.00
Unspent funds $22.00

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1) I would suggest a line graph, which graphically shows the mileage that she walked. I would have 2 separate ...

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