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    Designing a Personal Budget Spreadsheet in Excel

    1. Create and format a row to show the months for the year (Jan-Dec). 2. Create and format a row, beneath the month row, to show yearly income for each month (Jan-Dec),and properly label the row and value. 3. Add each expense in a separate row (as identified in step 4) and properly label each row and value. 4. For the expense

    Computer estimated cost savings based on budget

    Heartland Company's budgeted sales and budgeted cost of goods sold for the coming year are $144,000,000 and $99,000,000 respectively. Short-term interest rates are expected to average 10%. If Heartland can increase inventory turnover from its present level of 9 times a year to a level of 12 times per year, compute its expected c

    Preparation of Production budget for the Pletcher Company

    See attachment: AE9-4 Pletcher Company produces and sells automobile batteries, the heavy-duty HD-240. The 2011 sales budget is as follows. Quarter HD-240 1 4,600 2 6,900 3 7,590 4 10,780 The January 1, 2011, inventory of HD-240 is 2,510 units. Management desires an ending inventory each quarter equa


    Using the attached data and format from the budget tab create a flex-budget for the month of July using 3 or 4 different planned units of sales. Base your assumptions on several different factors: * The trends in actual sales shown at the bottom of the Budget tab * The activity levels needed to turn a profit since the June

    Flexible budget analysis vs strategic-budget analysis

    Why might managers find a flexible budget analysis more informative than a strategic-budget analysis? Explain your rationale. How might a manager gain insight into the causes of a flexible-budget variance for direct materials? Why might an analyst examining variances in the production area look beyond the business functi

    MS Excel - Start up costs and six month projection

    My made up business is "Now Hair This" beauty salon MS Excel - Create a Start up Budget and first 6 months operating expenses for your new Business using MS Excel. The Excel spreadsheet must include at a minimum the specifications listed below: a. Create two worksheets. The first worksheet should contain your expected expens

    You are a School Social Worker at a High School in Atlanta, Georgia with an annual budget of $500 for programming expenses. You are notified by the Assistant Principal that a transgender student who is transitioning from male-to-female will be entering the junior class at the beginning of the following semester. She also has a sister that will be entering the sophomore class. The Assistant Principal assigned you with the task of organizing a response to ease the students' transition to their new school and into the student community. To your knowledge, this is the first time that a transgender student will be attending the High School and there have not been other experiences within the school district. The school is culturally diverse with various active religious clubs, including a Bible Study group and a Pride Alliance, that meet at lunchtime and afterschool. There is also an active Alumni organization that supports additional school programming with private funds. Questions: 1. What additional information would you need before implementing an intervention plan? 2. With whom would you consult and why? Who would seek to work with? 3. You have $200 of your budget left for this school year. Briefly discuss two possible approaches in addressing this challenge: (a) one approach should address the structural challenges in the high school setting, and (b) the other approach should address the students and the high school community.

    You are a School Social Worker at a High School in Atlanta, Georgia with an annual budget of $500 for programming expenses. You are notified by the Assistant Principal that a transgender student who is transitioning from male-to-female will be entering the junior class at the beginning of the following semester. She also has a

    Activity-Based Budget for Merit Industries; Banana Computer master budget

    See attached files. Activity-Based Budget Merrit Industries Inc. has the following budget information available for February: Administration $40,000 Advertising $15,000 Assembly 1/2 hour per unit X $8 Direct materials 2 pounds per unit X $3 Inspection $200 per batch of 1,000 units Manufacturing overhead $2 per

    Budget variance including flexible budget

    Tylon's Hardware uses a flexible budget to develop planning information for its warehouse operations. For 20X9, the company anticipated that it would have 96,000 sales units for 664 customer shipments. Average storage bin usage for various inventories was estimated to be 200 per day. The costs and cost drivers were determined to

    What is the effective, or equivalent, annual cost of the trade credit?

    Please provide detailed explanations to the following questions. I need help with these... ============================================== 1. The Thompson Corporation projects an increase in sales from $1.5 to $2 million, but it needs an additional $300,000 of current assets to support this expansion. Thompson can finance t


    Scenario Part 1 You have decided that it might be a good idea to create a personal household budget for yourself. You know you are able to pay all your bills, attend school, and even have money left for fun get a-ways. But you really want to be able to save money to purchase a house after you graduate with your degree. You d

    Flexible Budget

    Use the standard price and cost data supplied in Problem 15-18. Assume that Holligan actually produced and sold 31,000 books. The actual sales price and costs incurred follow. Actual price and variable costs: Sales price-$9.10 Materials-$4.10 Labor-$6.20 Overhead-$6.10 general, selling, and administrative-$6.50 Planned


    Compute variances for the following items and indicate whether each variance is favorable (F) or unfavorable (U). Item Budget Actual Variance F or U Sales revenue $580,000 $600,000 Cost of goods sold $385,000

    Prepare a variance analysis report with actual results

    Strauss Table Company manufactures tables for schools. The 20x4 operating budget is based on sales of 20,000 units at $ 100 per table. Operating income is anticipated to be $ 120,000. Budgeted variable costs are $ 64 per unit, while fixed costs total $ 600,000. Actual income for 20x4 was surprising $ 354,000 on actual sales

    Calculations of Direct Material and Flexible Budget Variances

    This question is on variance analysis in managerial/cost accounting. More specifically, it asks for calculations of direct material price variance, direct material efficiency/usage variance, the flexible budget variance, and determining whether the variances are favorable or unfavorable.

    Access and analyze the Budget of the United States

    Budget of the United States government: The Office of Management and Budget provides access to the budget of the United States government at its Web site: www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/citizensguide.html. "A Citizen's Guide to the Federal Budget" provides information about the budget and the budget process for the general public. A

    create a budget for a fictitious business

    I need to create the following data sheets for a fictitious business: Sales Forecast Income Statement Balance Sheet Statement of Cash flows The instructor provided the attached preformatted spreadsheets; however, I don't have to use them. By filling in the data, I've become quite unsure of what data is important to

    Management & Budget

    How is the internal management structure of an organization tied to the organization's budget? How might management help an organization stay on track or cause it to go over budget?

    Price, Efficiency, and Budget Variance

    The following direct materials variance computations are incomplete: Price variance = ($? - $7) x 10,800 pounds = $5,400 U Efficiency variance = (? - 10,400 pounds) x &7 = ?U Flexible budget variance = $?

    Monthly flexilble budget

    EgroNow sells its main product, egronomic mouse pads, for $13 each. Its variable cost is $5.60 per pad. Fixeds costs are $200,000 per month for volumes up to 60,000 pads. Above 60,000 pads, monthly fixed costs are $255,000. 1. Prepare a montly flexible budget for the product, showing sales revenue, variable costs, fixed cost

    Production budget, operating expenses, standards, operating expense budget

    1. The production budget uses all of the following except: a. the beginning inventory quantity. b. the inventory policy. c. the sales forecast. d. the cash receipts budget. 2. Operating expenses are best budgeted on the basis of knowledge about: a. relevant range. b. cost behavior patterns. c. current period bud